Great Indian Barbecue - Interactive Livestream Class

LivestreamNew York, NY


Halal, Local
ChefsFeed Experiences cooking classes are a chance to virtually connect with chefs and bartenders, learn simple cooking tricks and tips, and most importantly, support the culinary community through this difficult time. 100% of ticket sales go directly to the host or their business to help support the hospitality industry. --- Dive into the heady aroma of herbs and spices and great summer vibes! Impress your loved ones by whipping up scratch-made marinades, chutney and homemade Naan Bread, all on the electric/charcoal grill or even on your stove top grill! Join this therapeutic class as we delve into the health benefits of well-sourced spices such as turmeric and cardamom. Fresh bunches of mint and cilantro and mango make for a fabulous ‘barbecue sauce’. When you take this class, you will learn that spices aren’t intimidating and the possibilities to mastering fire are endless!!!

Menu detail

Tandoori Chicken tikka
Chicken thighs marinated in fresh Indian spices, yogurt and char broiled.
Fluffy , tender leavened Indian Bread , perfect to wrap your chicken tikka or soak in delicious curries.
Mango Cilantro chutney
Robust flavorful smooth fresh sauce to go with your grilled meats and vegetables .