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Abbi MerrissNEW MAKER!

Indianapolis, IN, United States


Since Bluebeard launched in 2012, chef/co-owner, Abbi Merriss has quietly ascended the list of the best chefs in the Midwest. A James Beard Foundation-nominated chef for four consecutive years (2016-19), Abbi’s genius lay in her ability to find that elusive sweet spot where sophistication and simplicity overlap. She blends the familiar with the unexpected, the classical with the unorthodox, the comforting mainstays of the Midwest with exotic and eclectic international flavors. Under Abbi’s leadership, the Bluebeard kitchen has become a sort of training grounds for up-and-coming chefs. She embraces the opportunity to mentor young chefs, even when it means eventually seeing them set off on their own adventures. That spirit of generosity extends to her food, where every bite feels like an unexpected, wondrous gift.