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Abby McManigleNEW MAKER!

Portland, OR, USA


Originally from Texas, McManigle started her career by traveling westward to Le Cordon Bleu at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, where she graduated with honors. She honed her skills at several prestigious restaurants in San Francisco, eventually starting her own catering business that focused on high-end wine and food dinners. She also worked as a wine representative for Revel Wines and Winemongers in California, before falling in love and moving to Oregon Wine Country. After several years at Ken Wright Cellars, McManigle joined the team at Brooks, where she combined her extensive expertise with food and refined knowledge of wine. She also served as Executive Chef at Tina’s Bistro, a long-standing Willamette Valley wine country institution. Her deepening passion for organics and biodynamics led her to a position as Executive Chef of a Demeter certified winery. Returning to the Washington D.C. area, as a partner in Blend 111, Abby fuses art and science creating seasonal menus with locally sourced ingredients and an unrelenting focus on quality.