Labor Day Lechon Party! @ Scholb Brewery

In-PersonTorrance, Torrance


Pop-up space
Available for purchase
Banquet (20+ Guests)
barbecue, filipino, californian
RICE & SHINE is bringing Filipino family party vibes to Scholb brewing this Labor Day! ~~~ 7-COURSE LECHON PARTY ~~~ Filipinos love to feed people and the vehicle they use to do so most effectively is the family party. So on Labor Day, we're packing 6 courses on one epic "family party" plate + a one dessert course to cap you off - Walk-ins will be welcome but those booking through Feastly can add a free pour and souvenir glass at a discounted rate

Menu detail

roast pig with crispity crunch skin vinegar and sarsa dipping sauces included
Special: FlavrFresh Jerk Chicken
Small Plate
guest chef and homie Vic "FlavrFresh" Bouzi will be makin' this dish with the sauce he grew up eating back home in Queens. this is a super special special and we're stoked to have him onboard :)
Farmer's Market Succotash
sweet potato, jicama, chickpeas, green bean, and fried tofu salad garlicky brown butter dressing, toasted peanuts (also known as Lumpiang Hubad)
Lumpiang Shanghai
shrimp and shiitake filipino egg rolls with sweet/sour aioli
Mac Salad
classic island favorite. pretty much on every plate lunch
Jasmine Rice
Small Plate
perfectly cooked rice serves as the best vehicle to transport flavor with pork and sauce millions of filipinos all agree. good rice can make or break a meal
Mochi Cake w Money Honey Glaze
rice flour cake cooked in banana leaves, burnt caramel, mango topping and Dis Money Honey glaze


One Draft Pour + Souvenir Glass

Labor Day Lechon Party! @ Scholb Brewery

In-PersonTorrance, Torrance
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)