Spring’s Sprung: 8-Course Filipino Brunch

In-PersonVenice, Venice


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It's spring! Snow melts, flowers blossom, and daylight savings time catches us all off guard (even though it shouldn't). What's a better way to celebrate an awakening from our winter hibernation, than with a few new menu offerings sure to make you bloom with joy? Say hello to our Sinigang Lumpia and Breakfast Pancit. Two dishes that twist Filipino classics into something exciting and delicious. Served alongside our RICE & SHINE brunch staples, this meal will have you wishing it was spring all year 'round.

Menu detail

Sinigang Lumpia
Small Plate
We take the classic tangy soup with pork belly and bok choy and mix it with jasmine rice. Then we roll it up and fry it to crunchy goodness. Thank us later.
Ube Mochi Waffle
Small Plate
paired with dad's fried chicken. coconut caramel, ensaymada butter
Breakfast Pancit
Small Plate
Egg noodles cooked in chicken broth and tossed with fresh veggies and bacon. Folded with eggs to give it a velvety finish.
Longanisa Scotch Egg
soft-boiled egg wrapped in Filipino breakfast sausage, coated in Filipino crispy rice (pinipig) and deep fried
Garlic Rice
Small Plate
Ensaladang Kamatis
Small Plate
sweet cherry tomato salad. salted duck egg gribiche, scallion pesto.
Halo Halo Parfait
mango yogurt, fresh fruit, ube, leche flan, palm seeds, jackfruit, crispy rice
Auntie Rose's Sweets
ube and leche flan-filled steamed cakes. take-home dessert made by AC's mom


Single Kalamansi Rosé Mimosa
Bottomless Kalamansi Rosé Mimosas

Spring’s Sprung: 8-Course Filipino Brunch

In-PersonVenice, Venice
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