ENTER THE 36 COURSES: A Wu-Tang Culinary Journey (Part 1)

Arts District, Los Angeles Downtown

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AC Boral


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
north american
One night in 2012, a close homie and Wu connoisseur made a special request for his birthday: A Wu-Tang inspired dinner. We kept coming up with dish ideas and dope playlists until we said "f*&k it! we're going to do 36 Courses eventually!" And ENTER THE 36 COURSES was born. - For the first time, we're making this menu available to the public. Each dish a meditation on the song inspired by it.

Menu detail

Small Plate
extra cheese crusted crusty bread, mad cheddar, tomato basil consommé
Shimmy Ya
chimichurri surf and turf: skirt steak and shrimp, ratatouille galette, shiitake crema
Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin' Ta F Wit
kalamansi liqueur spiked lecheflan
Protect Ya Neck
Small Plate
poutine. hand cut fries, chipotle gravy, queso fresco. pork belly, cotija, chicharron
KIlla Beez
welcome cocktail local honey, Filipino citrus, ginger, chili

ENTER THE 36 COURSES: A Wu-Tang Culinary Journey (Part 1)

Los Angeles Downtown, California

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