RICE & SHINE Filipino/Brunch

In-PersonVenice, Venice


Pop-up space
Available for purchase
Banquet (20+ Guests)
filipino, north american
Get on this family-style feast featuring Filipino cuisine mashed up with brunch classics! Our Philosophy: Rice & Shine is like hip-hop, sampling beautiful elements of a dish or ingredient and making something new and wonderful from it. We make sure that the Filipino-ness of the dish always shines through in reverence of the cuisine's history. Even still, Filipinos will enjoy a new experience of some family favorites while those unfamiliar will build an appreciation of the cuisine.

Menu detail

Ube Mochi Waffle
Small Plate
coconut caramel, ensaymada butter.
Sisig Chilaquiles
Mexican/Filipino breakfast goodness pork sisig, egg, corn tortillas, avocado, salsa verde, cotija, chicharron dust
This Week's Special
Small Plate
seasonal ingredients, something we've been craving, and/or feeling inspired
Garlic Rice (Sinangag) & Tomato Salad (Ensaladang Kamatis)
Small Plate
found at the Filipino breakfast table most mornings and will be plentiful at the RICE & SHINE brunch table
Longanisa Scotch Egg
soft-boiled egg wrapped in Filipino breakfast sausage, coated in Filipino crispy rice (pinipig) and deep fried
Halo Halo Parfait
mango yogurt, pili nut granola, melon, crispy rice
Auntie Rose's Sweets
mini steamed cakes filled with ube and leche flan for baon (take home dessert)


Calamansi Mimosa (a la carte)
Bottomless Calamansi Mimosas

RICE & SHINE Filipino/Brunch

In-PersonVenice, Venice
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