Taste Africa In Style Cocktail

In-Person Venice, Venice


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
Akwaaba to Taste Africa In Style. Culinary Africa, I have selected a few traditional dishes from the continent of Africa. African cuisine is all about flavor and taste. One might say, it is a labour of love! I have taken the traditional favorites, adding a modern twist, by crafted and created unique flavors. Taking the exotic African cuisine into another level of deliciousness. From my Ancestry, and I, let me introduce you to a culture and food, from my beloved continent of Africa. Me da si

Menu detail

The Dawa. Kenya's Beloved Cocktail
The Dawa, is Kenya's second favorite alcoholic drink. Made with vodka, honey, lime, mint and ice. Be Aware! This drink is so refreshing, and the juice and honey masked the taste of the alcohol. Extra 12 $ fee for a drink. I also have virgin drink option for 6 $.
Falafel | Egypt North Africa
Crispy falafel served with cabbage, radish, tahini sauce and herb salad
Paratha bread Shrimp
Fried puff bread, with shrimp, cucumber, dil, mint and chefs sauce
Yam Balls | Ghana West Africa
African Yams or Potato Croquettes, The croquettes are one of my favorite foods of all time! Full of flavor and just delicious! When I was a kid, growing up in Ghana, I used to pray to get sick, so i could be admitted at the ridge hospital so I could eat croquettes
Sosaties Me | South African chicken Kabob
South African chicken, apricot, onion, mango, pepper kabobs. The kabobs are marinated and seasoned. Serve with baked African Ghanaian Yams and three pepper sauce. Black, green and red.
Meat Pie | Wset Africa
West African, Beef Pie, or Empanada. Full of flavor, crusty, Flaky Appetizer.
Biskuti Ya Nazi | Kenyan East Africa
Kenyan coconut Macaroon. Ending a perfect evening!

Taste Africa In Style Cocktail

In-Person Venice, Venice
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