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Akwaaba to Taste Africa In Style. Culinary Africa, I have selected a few traditional dishes from the continent of Africa. African cuisine is all about flavor and taste. One might say, it is a labour of love! I have taken the traditional favorites, adding a modern twist, by crafted and created unique flavors. Taking the exotic African cuisine into another level of deliciousness. From my Ancestry, and I, let me introduce you to a culture and food, from my beloved continent of Africa. Me da si

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Egyptian Cucumber Salad
Small Plate
Cucumber with onions, scallions, feta, mint and lemon. This is so refreshing. Summer time favorite!
Lemon, lime Cassava Fries
Small Plate
Garlic cassava fries soaked in Lemon, lime, seasoned with spices, serve with Green sauce.
Kuku Paka. Congolese, Tanzanian, Kenyan chicken curry coconut milk dish
Small Plate
Kuku Paka, chicken, curry coconut milk dish. Cooked with carrot and spices. This would be one of the best delicious chicken you will ever taste!
Kelewele | Ghana West Africa
Kelewele is a fried plantains marinated, seasoned with ginger, garlic, cayenne etc. This all time Ghanaian Street food favorite appetizer is popular in Ghana. This tasty treat is originated by the GA ethnic native group from Accra Ghana.
Jollof Rice | Ghana West Africa
Small Plate
Jollof Rice. There is a debate going on between Ghanaians and Nigerians about who cook this spicy rice tomato dish the best. Well, I am not saying I among them, I am just saying that some Ghanaians are saying, Nigerians started Jollof rice, and we the Ghanaians perfected it! Hehehe never mind about the Senegalese or Gambians where Jollof rice originated. This is a discussion between Ghanaians and Nigerians. No one is invited! Well, unless,

Taste Africa In Style | Cooking Classes

In-PersonVenice, Venice
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