Taste Africa In Style | Out Of North Africa

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North Africa Cuisine. Hello Everyone! On the map of Africa, We are on the Northern countries. The Tagines are on the fire, table seat, the lanterns are lit, let enjoy a delicious Traditional Maghreb, Berber, Ancient Egyptian Dishes. We are going to served it the traditional way. Shukran!

Menu detail

Tunisia Pine Nuts Mint Tea | Tunisia North Africa.
Black Tea, Pine Nuts and Mint. You can not go to a North African House, without being served tea!
North African Bread, Hummus for the table
Small Plate
Maaqouda | Algeria North Africa
Maaqouda - Potato spice fritter, is a traditional Algerian food, but also eaten in Tunisia and Morocco. It is often prepared around Ramadan.
Salata Baladi | Egypt North Africa
Small Plate
Egyptian cucumber, tomato watermelon, spices, mint, basil parsley dill, cilantro lemon, lime Salad, It is colorful, healthy, delicious and so refreshing!
Moroccan Saffron Golden Couscous
Small Plate
You just cannot have all these dishes without adding couscous to the meal. That would be a crime right? That is why I have added this beautifully cooked couscous with saffron, turmeric cilantro to the Menu. Now I believe our feast is almost complete!
Chicken Tagine | Morocco North Africa
Chicken cooked slowly in a Tagine with apricot, almonds, olives, carrots, Harissa, preserved lemons, spices and more! This is another popular dish from Morocco. Just the thought of the Tagine alone is exotic, and the chicken is full of flavor! This is another one for the book!
Fig Tahini | Morocco
Fresh figs baked with tahini, honey and lemon.

Taste Africa In Style | Out Of North Africa

In-PersonVenice, Venice
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