Black History Month | Northern Africa Cuisine

In-PersonPlaya del Rey, Playa del Rey


Medium (10-15 Guests)
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Akwaaba! Happy mother's day to all mother's! Everyday is mother's day, but this day is special! It is a date set aside just for our mother's. To say Thank you for giving us life, loving us and putting up with our faults! I am hosting a cultural dinner experiences In My Home! I call it Afia Chef's Table, a 14 seat community dinner table, where we experience the culture and food from the continent of Africa. Great conversation, food, music and fun!

Menu detail

Biskuti Ya Nazi { coconut macaroons } gift
Mother's Day Gift. Something Sweet! This Kenyan coconut dessert is perfect for your sweet tooth.
Maaqouda | Algeria North Africa
Maaqouda - Potato spice fritter, is a traditional Algerian food, but also eaten in Tunisia and Morocco. It is mostly prepared around Ramadan.
FRIED DOUGH pastry serve with yogurt, Pistachio and mint
Shakshouka | Tunisia North Africa
Small Plate
We cannot have brunch and not add this all time favorite popular egg poached in tomato sauce Arabic, Egyptian, Tunisian, Algerian, Moroccan dish to the menu! With Lobster and shrimp. And I will make you one of the best egg dishes you have ever had!
National South African delicious curried meat, fruits with yummy golden creamy topping dish. This is amazing! I guess I will not be far off, if i said, if you are a South African, and you eat meat, then the chances are you have had this dish before!
Tatale-Bambara Beans | GHANA WEST AFRICA
Small Plate
Tatale is a Ghanaian pancakes made with plantains and spices served with flavorful Bambara beans, avocado and Shlada Arobiya
Afia Drink | Ghana West Africa
Ginger, melon, Lemon, Lime, coconut, mango, mint Drink

Black History Month | Northern Africa Cuisine

In-PersonPlaya del Rey, Playa del Rey
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