African Dinner | Keto, and Paleo

In-PersonPlaya del Rey, Playa del Rey


Medium (10-15 Guests)
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I am hosting cultural dinner experiences in my home ! I call it Afia Chef's Table, a 22 seat dinner table, where we experience the culture and food from the continent of Africa. All ethnicities and beliefs are welcome. Great conversation, flavorful dishes, music and fun! On Afia Chef's Table, we respect and appreciate each others differences, and come ready to make new friends. Check out my schedule! I host a series of African dinners Event. My cooking is from a all parts of the continent of Africa - Western, Northern, Eastern, Central, Southern Africa and Madagascar. Hope you can join us. Thanks everyone!

Menu detail

Beef Kebabs
Beef, Onion, Pepper Kebabs, marinated with African spice, Served with Afia's Green Sauce
Olive, Frittata | Tunisia North Africa
Frittata made with Olives, Parsley and North African Spices. Tunisian Tajine maadnous is a completely different dish. The frittata, is a similar to an Italian frittata. The Tajine something you can enjoy not only in Tunesia, but also in parts of Algeria. Other similar dishes can be also found in other North-African countries, Egypt for instance. The Egyptians call their egg dish Tagen or Eggah. This is so delicious!
Tomato Cucumber SALAD
Small Plate
Heirloom Tomato, Cucumber, Garlic, Onion, Cilantro, Parsley Salad, and lemon, lime, Basil vinaigrette.
Cocoyam Leaves - KONTOMERE | Ghana West Africa
Small Plate
PALEO Cocoyam Leaves cooked in red palm oil and plantains, Avocado, Egg served with Salmon KETO Cocoyam Leaves cooked in red fruit palm oil, Baked Cauliflower, Avocado, Egg and Turmeric Salmon
Kuku Paka. Congolese, Tanzanian, Kenyan Chicken, Coconut Curry | East Africa
PALEO Kuku Paka. Coconut milk, Curry Chicken Dish, and Cassava Fries KETO Kuku Paka. Coconut milk, Curry Chicken Dish, and Jicama Fries Kuku Paka is a chicken dish with a coconut milk-based curry. It has Arabic, Indian and African influences. Kuku in Swahili means chicken. The dish is particularly popular in the East African coast and among the Indian communities living in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Paka in Swahili means to smear, to spread or to apply.
Keto Coconut Kunafah - knafeh - Konafa | North Africa
The most loved. The most popular. The Most Delicious. The most celebrated. The most versatile and dare I say, no sugar!

African Dinner | Keto, and Paleo

In-PersonPlaya del Rey, Playa del Rey
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