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Egyptian Cuisine and Maghreb cuisine is the cooking of the Maghreb region, the northwesternmost part of Africa along the Mediterranean Sea, consisting of the countries of Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia. The region has a high degree of geographic, political, social, economic and cultural diversity which influences its cuisine and culinary style.

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Merguez | Algeria-Turnisian- North Africa
Merguez also known as Mirkās, is a red, spicy mutton- or beef-based sausage from Maghreb cuisine, usually eaten grilled. It originated in Northwest Africa and became popular in France towards the end of the twentieth century. Mergues with red spicy sauce
Moroccan Chicken Tagine | Morocco North Africa
Chicken cooked in Tagine with apricot, almonds, olives, carrots, lemons, spices and more! This is another popular dish from Morocco. Just the thought of the Tagine is exotic, and the chicken is full of flavor! This is another one for the book!
Saffron Golden Couscous, Chickpea and vegetable | Morocco North Africa
Small Plate
You just cannot have all these dishes without adding couscous to the meal. That would be a crime right? That is why I have added this beautifully cooked couscous with saffron, turmeric cilantro to the Menu. Now I believe our feast is almost complete! what about add Moroccan Spiced Carrots
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Soup of the Pharaoh. mulukhiya's origins lie in Ancient Egypt. As used in Egyptian cuisine, molokhiya is prepared by chopping the leaves and cooked with spices. The dish generally includes some sort of meat or seafood. Molokhiya was consumed in ancient Egyptian cuisine, where the name "molokhiya" is thought to have originated from. Many Egyptians consider molokhiya to be the national dish of Egypt, along with ful medames and kushari.
Ghoriba | Libya- Morocco -
A ghoriba is a type of cookie prepared in the Maghreb and other parts of the Arab world. It is a round, shortbread cookie made with flour, sugar, butter, and usually almonds. It is often served with Arabic coffee or Maghrebi mint tea. Ghoriba has been around since ancient times.
Moroccan Mint Tea
Maghrebi mint tea. Moroccan Arabic. Romanized: atay, Berber languages, also known as Moroccan mint tea, is a green tea prepared with spearmint leaves and sugar, traditional to the Greater Maghreb region (the northwest African countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Mauritania). It has since spread throughout North Africa, parts of the Sahel, France and the Arab world.


In-PersonPlaya del Rey, Playa del Rey
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