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On the map of Africa, we are on Central and Eastern coast of Africa. For the main course, Kuku Paka and sweet potato paste, a traditional delicious chicken curry coconut milk dish eaten in the Congo, Kenya and Tanzania. This dish roots is African, Arabic and Indian. Ugali, Tanzanian cassava dish serve with fish and vegetables stew. Nyama Choma, Tanzanian, East African style goat or beef kabobs serve with plantains or banana Kabobs, Bajia, Biskuti Ya Nazi [ coconut macaroons] Kenyan desserts

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Ugali. Traditional cassava flour, fish stew dish
Small Plate
Ugali, cassava flour cooked dish serve with cabbage vegetables stew and fish. This dish is eaten in Tanzania, Kenya, Sub-Sahara Africa and some other parts of the continent. Are you ready to eat with your hands! As always, I have added my own twist to the dish. Taken this traditional dish to another level of deliciousness. Adding spices and flavor
Kuku Paka. Congolese, Tanzanian, Kenyan chicken curry coconut milk dish
Kuku Paka. To not add this East African delicious flavorful chicken curry coconut dish to the menu would be a crime! This authentic coastal East African dish has African, Indian and Arabic influences. What sets apart this Ugandan, Tanzanian, Kenyan, Congolese curry dish from other curry dishes, is the flavor! Not to mention I have also added my own twist to this dish to make you keep coming back asking for more!
Nyama Choma { Goat or beef kabobs }
Small Plate
Tanzanian, East African food. Goat or beef, vegetable kabobs marinated with African spices, serve with banana or plantain kabob and sauce. The spices added to the kabobs takes it to another level of taste! Serve with salad African Street food at it best! Yes we Africans love our street foods. Yummy!
Biskuti Ya Nazi { coconut macaroons }
Something Sweet! This Kenyan coconut dessert is perfect for your sweet tooth. Garnish with coconut flakes, cashew, Macadamia and pistachio nuts, serve with yogurt.
Another crowd favorite. This native fried potato tasty dish is popular in the coastal towns in Kenya. You are going to love my sweet potato version! Seasoned with herbs and spices.


In-PersonVenice, Venice
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