Taste Africa - Father's Day Edition

In-PersonVenice, Venice


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For our fathers day. Akwaaba Father's! Welcome to our Father's day dinner. This day is your day! Enjoy all these flavorful testy African cuisine I have created just for you! Tonight we are honoring you, and saying thank you for being our father's! Enjoy!

Menu detail

Small Plate
Spinach cooked in red palm fruit oil sauce and sauteed shrmp, egg, plantain Ghanaian style.
Egyptian Cucumber Salad
Small Plate
Egyptian cucumber salad. Cucumber, jalapeno, shrimp and lime, lemon, onion, garlic, mint, dell sauce. Fresh and delicious!
The Dawa. Kenya's Beloved Cocktail
The Dawa, is Kenya's second favorite alcoholic drink. Made with vodka, honey, lime, mint and ice. Be Aware! This drink is so refreshing, and the juice and honey masked the taste of the alcohol. Extra 8 $ fee for a drink. I also have virgin drink option for 4 $.
Tropic Fruit Salad
Tasty treats, a mixer of my favorite tropic fruits over yogurt. Enjoy and stay healthy!
Tunisian Chickpeas
Small Plate
Cooked chickpeas with spices, lemon and herbs. It is a very tasty dish.
Small Plate
Peanut butter sauce, beef or maybe goat meet, rice ball and sessional vegetables. This dish is another chefs favorite . This dish is popular in Ghana, Nigeria and throughout West Africa. The flavors are amazing!
Mr. Tibs Injera
Small Plate
Ethiopian traditional beef dish. Beef cooked with tomato, garlic, and more. The best part about this dish is the Berbere spice and the Injera. The dish is really delicious! If you are a meat eater, you will definitely enjoy it.
Chefs Favorit
Baked spice fish. Mashed Taro roots in spicy flavorful broth, sauteed tomato peppers and avocado salad. My favorite dish since i was a child, and still love it!
Hummus Moroccan
Small Plate
Home made Moroccan hummus served with olives, onion, and cucumber

Taste Africa - Father's Day Edition

In-PersonVenice, Venice
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