Taste Africa In Style

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Hello Everyone! Akwaaba! Welcome to Taste Africa In Style. Join me at Eatfeastly on a culinary journey From Ghana, Morocco, Egypt and Ethiopia. This dishes are delicious, full of flavor and spices. Come have a seat, let us meet one another, and get started! See you all there!

Menu detail

Biskuti Ya Nazi { coconut macaroons }
Something Sweet! This Kenyan coconut dessert is perfect for your sweet tooth. Garnish with coconut flakes, cashew, Macadamia and pistachio nuts, serve with home made yogurt.
Injera wrap
Small Plate
Injera wrap stuffed with Tibs Berbere spice, carrots, cabbage, spinach, avocado, onion, tomato, spicy sauce.
Moroccan Chicken Tagine. Berber Cuisine
Chicken cooked in Tagine with apricot, almonds, olives, carrots, lemons, spices and more! This is another popular dish from Morocco. Just the thought of the Tagine is exotic, and the chicken is full of flavor! This is another one for the book!
Tatale. From The West
Out of Ghana with love. Delicious Plantains, scallions pancakes with spicy flavorful beans cooked in coconut oil
Harira Dekra For Vegan Vegetarians
Harira , chickpea, lentils stew. Everyone in Morocco is familia with Harira. It is eaten throughout the year but, I believe mostly more in the Ramadan month. In this version of Harira, I have, spices, preserved lemons, olives and more!
From The North
Small Plate
Egyptian cucumber with onions, scallions, mint and lemon. refreshing. Summer time favorite!
Moroccan Mint Tea
Fufu Spicy Beef Light soup. West Africa
If You should asked me, or most Ghanaians, this dish is the best comfort food of all time! This Fufu, is a combination of cassava, African yams and green plantains flour cooked and formed together to make fufu. Beef, bones light soup, it is going to cook slowly on low heat for a few hours! The end result gives you so much flavor!
Abolo From West Africa
Small Plate
Abolo, sweet potato steamed with plantain leaf corn bread dish. served with spicy shrimp, fish and delicious sauce.

Taste Africa In Style

In-PersonVenice, Venice
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