Montreal, Canada


***Chef Aicia Colacci competed in Top Chef Canada's Season 9 which is airing April 19th (season premiere)

Aicia’s path towards becoming a chef was not a straight one, but one filled with winding roads, wonderful experiences and bold decisions. Born and raised in the city of Montreal (Canada), she’s always been surrounded by an array of rich cultures and incredible food. Her Italian, Irish and French heritage has also played a significant role, teaching her about culinary traditions as well as the simple beauty of enjoying a meal with your loved ones. A few years after starting her career in advertising, she decided to take the plunge and pursue her passion for cooking. She enrolled in culinary school, picked up her chef’s knife and the journey began.

Aicia has spent much of her career cooking Italian-inspired food, using local and seasonal produce to elevate her dishes. Although she’s been cooking in her Nonna’s kitchen for the better part of her life, she got her professional start working at Bice (now Beatrice), a delicious Italian eatery. She continued working her way up the competitive Montreal restaurant scene and refining her skills at notable restaurants like Nora Gray and Impasto. Through all the dinner rushes, late nights, early mornings and research trips around Italy and Spain, Aicia has honed her craft and developed her own unique style. Aicia’s dishes have been described as comforting, balanced, playful and seasonal. Try for yourself and see!