Alexe Colbus(1)
Washington, DC


I am from a large Italian family which translates into something like this: food is the center of everything we do, food is love, and it isn’t a party until the antipasti is served. I learned the essentials to cooking while working alongside my mom growing up, and I always preferred helping her prepare dinner versus playing outside with my sisters.

As I've grown older and have hosted my own dinner parties, I've learned how incredibly communal food can be and that it can connect people from all backgrounds. I love sharing recipes with my coworkers, brainstorming new ways to cook traditional dishes with my mom and preparing, photographing and sharing my creations on my blog, Keys to the Cucina. I think that food and music are the most important parts to entertaining, so those two components would be the focus of all of my Feastly dinners.

To date, I've held dinner parties for 10 in my 600 square foot apartment, curated meals for baby and bridal showers, and created original recipes and content for my blog for almost a year and a half. I love sharing a story and a meal with others and I hope that you will grant me the opportunity to continue to do that from the comfort of my own home.