Dip A Dee Doo Dah: A Joyful Family Cooking Class

LivestreamLos Angeles, CA


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We’re more likely to eat well when the healthy option is also the most convenient (and delicious). After this class, you’ll open your fridge to decadent dips for snacking or saucing, along with homemade flatbread, and veggies prepped too. You can rest assured that your family has something scrumptious they can make for themselves. These delectable dips will encourage your family to satisfy their hunger with nutrient-dense whole foods that will keep the hangries at bay throughout the day. Together we will make three recipes, Black Bean & Pumpkin Seed Hummus, Greek Yogurt Herb Ranch and Flat Bread. We are here to show you how your family can pull off brilliant, easy, and convenient dips that your kids can prepare for themselves. This class is for you and your child(ren) to do together.