Handmade Lorighittas Alla Campidanese: Summer Island Series - The Wine and Pasta of Sardinia, Italy

LivestreamBrooklyn, NY, USA


Imagine sandy beaches and bright blue water with a crisp and cold glass of wine in hand…. The Summer Island Series will transport your senses and palate to an island paradise. Beginning in the beautiful Mediterranean Island of Sardinia, moving east to Isola d’Ischia and finishing with the food and wine mecca that is Sicily.  Pick one island that piques your interest, or tune in for all three to create a complete picture of western Italy’s coastal experience. There is no better way to learn about a region than through hands on and intentional interactions with local wine and food.  Hosted by Chef Cameo Fucci of Allora Pasta and Sommelier Madeline Miller of Misi, join us this summer to experience Italian terroir! Each island we visit we’ll take a deep dive into the Wine, Pasta and Sauce born to that region. Our first stop of the Island tour is Sardinia. Sardinia sits on the west coast of Italy and is known for its crystal clear water and over 1,000 miles of coastline. We’ll be making a hand made pasta shape specific to the small town of Morgongiori - Lorighittas. We’ll pair it with a simple sausage and tomato based sauce that originated in the Campidano region forming our complete dish - Lorighittas Alla Campidanese. Our virtual boat sets sail on July 25th to Sardinia, August 29th to Ischia and September 26th to Sicily. Scroll down to view the details of the upcoming dates. We hope to see you there where the pastabilities are endless! *Must be 21+ *Lessons are recorded for convenience, so you can rewatch whenever you'd like. *No equipment required. *This lesson is perfect for all skill-levels *Can be made gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian *Minimum attendees to hold the class: 4 – otherwise it will get rescheduled 24 hours in advance.