Alysha Oravetz(21)
Iowa City, IA


HI. I just moved to Iowa City but I was rocking it in the Bay area just a bit ago, doing dinners, working as a culinary tour guide, and I was the head chef for Trackers Bay. Now, I am a new grad student at the Iowa Playwright's workshop and want Feastly to get going in this fair city.

I grew up in a family of miners from Pennsylvania. I cook a mean peroghi. I lived in Missoula, Montana for 10 years and was a chef at the 'glamping' Paws Up Resort. I basically cooked on a grill outside by a river for rich people who were unaware we were surrounded by mountain lions. I also studied Native American history and the Blackfeet language. Check out my likes and musings at I call myself Redzilla---because that's what I felt like on my tours when I traipsed through Chinatown! I'm tall and a redhead.
I can't wait to connect with people and learn some new tricks from some other chefs as well! let's start amazing things in Iowa City and share some great stories too!