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Amanda WieringaNEW MAKER!

Chicago, IL


I'm a lover of food, entertaining and travel. “Account Director” is my official working title which is really just a fancy way of saying Sales Representative for a marketing company in the Chicago suburbs. God has not yet blessed me with a family, so, being single at 27 gives me a lot of freedom and time to glorify him! This year I have had the privilege to be the host mom to a lovely 17-year old girl from Bosnia.

Food is on my mind approximately 98% of the time and I cannot wait until my next delicious meal. I started to experiment with cooking upon moving out of my parents’ house after college graduation. Annie’s Eats has been a foodie inspiration as well as my family who always cooked together on Sundays while growing up. My advice for new cooks is “You win some, you lose some.” While I now have a pretty good handle on what will and will not turn out to be a good meal, there were many occasions where dinner went in the trash and I ate a smoothie or frozen pizza.

I am quite certain that for the entire first year that I was cooking on my own, I only knew how to make heavy pasta dishes. With time comes bravery. Now I’ll eat just about anything. Kale. Snails. Caterpillars. You name it. Most of these dietary changes happened in the last year. Upon her arrival, Dunja informed me that her diet is a Vegan/Pescatarian. <> I am so thankful for this experience because it has opened up so many other culinary possibilities that I would not have otherwise considered. Vegan CAN be delicious, I tell you.