American India Foundation YP DC Chapter(5)
Washington, DC


The mission of AIF is to catalyze social and economic change in India by mobilizing and investing resources to improve education, livelihoods and public health for the marginalized. Read more about AIF's signature programs (

AIF YP DC is proud to spotlight the Maternal and Newborn Survival Initiative (MANSI) for the 2014-2015 Leadership Council Cycle. MANSI aims to reduce maternal and child mortality in rural, impoverished areas, by utilizing a public-private partnership model to provide the resources and support required to empower local communities to care for their mothers and children while improving the local health system. MANSI provides preventative and curative care for both mothers and newborns all the way from the individual household to government health facilities, instituting a system for sustainability at all levels for the community and local Health Ministry to uphold over the long term. To learn more about MANSI, visit