A Healing Journey with Food. Superfoods; eat your way to good health and longevity

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Gluten Free, Local, Organic
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Change the way you look at things, and things s you look at will change. After battling a 17years eating disorder, Andie decides to embark on a huge life change. Leaving her acting career behind, Andie went to culinary school and nutrition school to slowly rediscover her food relationship. This series of classes will teach you how to incorporated superfood into your diet—creating small meals for total nutrition, weight control, and bodybuilding without compromising on taste. Chef Andie Leon is currently a private chef for the rich and famous, specializing in weight loss and bodybuilding diets. She has catered for Yoga Works, Sephora, farm to table destination weddings, and much more. Chef Andie taught a cooking class for 3 years at Wholefoods Market in Los Angeles. Andie will share her favorite superfoods and create delicious meals with them. The first class will cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Superfoods we will cover MACA ACAI GOJI BERRIES COCOA CHAI SEEDS HEMP SEEDS

Menu detail

Breakfast Overnight Oat AKA Bircher Muesli
Small Plate
Make the oat base, let it soak overnight, then transform it into superfood flavors cater to the mood you feel that morning. Then created a variety of flavors for your week in advance. We will generate flavors for energy, stamina, and focus- Cocoa, Maca, Chai
Lunch Acai chicken salad with goji berries avocado and hemp.
This is one of my favorite ways to cook organic chicken and teach you how simple it is to add superfood into your daily cooking to stay active, vibrated, and healthy.
Dinner Seabass and Grilled Pear Salsa and Coconut Celerciac Puree
Keep your meals light and nutritious without compromising on taste. We will use a Sousvide to cook our fish. One of my favorite cooking methods for weight loss and weight maintenance. Add the nutrition of the powerful celery root and superfoods into this meal.