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Andrew AbrahamsonNEW MAKER!

Austin, TX


Born in Seattle, Andrew began working in the bar business in Spain in 2002, tending bar and hosting Karaoke in Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava. He returned home to Seattle in 2003 and started working at local bars, like shaking margaritas by the dozen at the Seattle hotspot, El Camino. Andrew moved to Los Angeles and found a job by the ocean at the Sunsets, tough after an eye-opening experience as a customer at Seven Grand in 2007, Andrew sent an impassioned email to Seven Grand's then-General Manager who gave him a shot. Barbacking on Fridays turned into a full time job behind the stick, which eventually evolved all the way to Andrew holding title as Seven Grand's General Manager. Hoping to keep the bar growing with the industry, Andrew was inspired after a trip to Japan to help launch a new exclusive concept within Seven Grand called Bar Jackalope. Andrew has continued his growth with 213 Hospitality under the guide of Cedd Moses, and is currently the Director of Operations for their Single Spirit Bar Group, consisting of Las Perlas, Caña Rum Bar, and the growing Seven Grand family of bars in California and Texas.