Milwaukee, WI


Miller got a job at the restaurant across the street from his house. It was a place he describes as a 'typical Italian red sauce joint.' In his two years there, he got involved in the kitchen.
Miller graduated from high school early so that he could go to the Culinary Institute of America in New York, where he got practical experience in a number of New York kitchens, and then completed an internship at Stella in New Orleans. However, while he was attending school, he secured a job as the executive chef for the Kishwaukee Country Club, which he says reinvigorated his thirst for cooking. So, after graduating, he and a friend decided to open a restaurant in Milwaukee – a fast casual Mediterranean joint. But, when his investor relocated, plans for the new spot fell apart.
Miller previously was the chef at Salotto Zarletti, now Zarletti Mequon, and at the former 8-twelve MVP Bar & Grill in Brookfield and today he is the executive chef at Third Coast Provisions and Merriment Social