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Andrew RiccatelliNEW MAKER!

New York, NY, USA


Most people are lucky if they can find their one true passion in life. Chef Andrew Riccatelli is one of the exceptions- he found two. His love for cooking started with his Hungarian grandmother and his memories of cooking alongside her as a child. This appreciation was then perpetuated by the big gatherings of his mother’s Puerto Rican family and his father’s Hungarian family (which of course, resulted in massive amounts of food!) As he grew up, his musical talents grew with him, and ended up contributing heavily to who he is today. From the ages of 17-25, Chef Riccatelli was dividing his time between touring and exploring his skills in the kitchen. He’s a drummer who played in hardcore bands such as Brooklyn’s GRAIL, and it’s very clear that his love for hard- hitting music and his execution of edgy dishes are very much aligned. He eventually reached a point where he had to decide which of these two gifts he would pursue. Like any musician, he misses the rush of performing for venues packed with fans, but the kitchen was his calling, and his career path definitely shows it. He’s cooked alongside some great chefs in restaurants such as Bar Americain, Buddakan, Spice Market, Terroir, and now Bagatelle.