Chiang Mai Breakfast

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
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My grandparents lived at the entrance of a busy market in Chiang Mai. We would wake up to the sound of car horns and the aroma of grilled and fried meats. When I think of breakfast in Chiang Mai, I am flooded with memories of smoky pork, fried sausage, spicy dips and lots and lots of sticky rice. Everything served in little plastic bags of course. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate change in spice level. Spicy level marked in each item description.

Menu detail

Moo Ping / Tub Ping (Grilled Pork and Liver)
Small Plate
Marinated pork shoulder and pork liver. Skewered and grilled over charcoal. *Not spicy
Nam Prik Noom (Northern Thai Green Chili Dip)
Small Plate
Fire roasted jalapeños, shallots and garlic, pounded in mortar for a fresh and spicy kick to your morning. Served with chicharons and fresh vegetables. (Dip grilled pork here as well). *Medium-hot
Sai Out (Spicy Northern Thai Sausage)
Small Plate
Fried pork sausage. Spicy and crispy. *Medium spicy
Kang Kradang (Pork Broth Terrine)
Small Plate
“Kradang” in Northern Thai loosely translates to dry. This “soup” is a classic winter dish when the weather is cool enough to solidify the soup. Pork spareribs is stewed with pork skin, garlic and coriander roots. Gelatin and natural collagen from the skin turns clear broth into terrine. Served chilled and topped with fresh cilantro, garlic chips and lots of white pepper powder. *Mild
Bottomless Sticky Rice
Small Plate
Sticky rice!


Tang Mo - Watermelon Lime Juice
Tang Mo Mao - Drunk Watermelon

Chiang Mai Breakfast

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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