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anisha samant

New York, NY


I have been associated with good food for a longtime; from my grandma's kitchen in a small village in southern India, to working at our family restaurant (3 generations) serving traditional Konkani food, to different restaurants in New York - my passions lie in the kitchen and at the green markets.
After coming to New York from India I was introduced to diverse foods from around the world, and this combined with the electric cadence of the city has provided me with the means to be a professional in this industry. I enrolled at the French Culinary institute within their classic culinary arts program, and since graduating have worked in different food verticals, including bakery, farms, catering, and restaurants, and each has provided a unique experience cooking and interacting with various audiences and chefs.
I was a line cook at Reynard, Salumeria Rossi, as well as a Belgium bistro as well, as I was determined to expand my culinary knowledge and skills.

While I have cooked for 500 people while catering with Chef Steven Johnson at Park Ave Catering Company, I'm most focused right now on intimate dining experiences that break the norm. Currently, I spend evenings prepping the line for some of the best chefs in NY at Dinner Lab, and am excited for the opportunity to share with you my food story through dinner parties via Feastly.