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Anja Wittels

San Francisco, CA


Blossoming from a love for cooking for others since she was 13, Anja has since attended culinary school in France, traveled the world studying cooking, cooked in famous kitchens of Chez Panisse, Verbena, and Wolfdales, and more. Her passion shines when she performs in the kitchen, putting on a show for each event and focusing on flavorful, healthy and creative foods. She decorates French Crepes and Savory Vegetarian Tartes with a smile, while always including a hearty fresh salad to begin every meal. She is always experimenting, having recently nailed recipe creations of gluten-free almond-flour fruit crumbles, gluten-free sweet potato gnocchi, and black bean crust pizza with sweet potato sauce. She dreams of traveling back to France to continue her studies of French food, while also traveling to many other countries to learn their cultural food arts of spices and herbal mixtures.