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Anna BrincatNEW MAKER!

Sonoma, CA, United States


My passion for cooking started over 30 years ago....

I grew up in an Italian household with a Mother that cooked all day everyday. I spent many hours watching and helping Mom cook. My Mother always had her own vegetable and herb garden so all of our meals were made with fresh home-grown ingredients and that tradition carries on today in my own cooking. I started cooking as a profession at the age of 17 in a small Italian family run deli in the East Bay. My experience grew from there as I picked up more authentic practices from the Italian owners and many of the techniques that I will be sharing with you have been passed along for generations. I helped my brother open his own restaurant a couple years back. I prepared all of his specialty salads for his menu and created some signature dishes for his restaurant as well. Creativity in the kitchen runs in the family! I have been running my own cooking company based out of San Francisco for about 8 years now and am working on having an outdoor dining experience in a country setting in Sonoma by next summer.

My philosophy on cooking and food is that it is an everyday part of life that brings people together, keeps families communicating and is a huge part of romance and happiness. I have always made hosting dinner parties a part of my life and cooking is something I love to share with my family, friends and now you!

Come learn, laugh, and enjoy the benefits of cooking with me today!