Pelmeni, Manti, and Kurse - Virtual Dumpling Workshop

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


east european, asian
This is a fully hands-on cooking class. Together will cook a bunch of juicy Central Asian and Slavic meat dumplings. Think Armenian manti, Dagestan kurze, and Russian Pelmeni. You will learn how to make all of them! I will show you various dumpling folds and different ways of cooking them. We'll also make hot and vibrant Ajika sauce to compliment your delicious dumplings. Whether you're a beginner or a savvy cook, this class is great for everyone! I will send you the link for recipes and a Zoom link a week before the class.

Menu detail

Assorted Meat Dumplings
We'll make a bunch of different dumpling folds, but all of them will have the same filling and the same dough. Equipment: - rolling pin or wine bottle - 3-inch wide glass, cup, or cutting circle - large bowl - non-stick or cast frying pan - metal grater or food processor - knife - cutting board Ingredients: - all-purpose flour - ground meat (pork, beef, lamb, chicken) - yellow onion - oil - water - salt - black pepper - caraway seeds (optional)
Hot Ajika Sauce
Small Plate
This is a wonderful condiment you can use for a lot of your favorite dishes. I chose it because it wonderfully complements the meat dumplings. Equipment: - food processor - knife - cutting board - glass container or jar Ingredients: - red bell pepper - tomatoes - garlic - red chili pepper - fresh or jarred horse radish (optional) - red wine vinegar - salt - sugar