6-Course Peruvian Popup, a Plant-Based Dinner for Fiestas Patrias

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland


Pop-up space
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Banquet (20+ Guests)
peruvian, vegetarian, vegan
Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
In celebration of 28 De Julio, Peruvian Independence Day, I've created a special 6-course menu featuring many of our most popular dishes, flavors, and traditions. Join me on this special dinner. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Pueblo Unido, a Portland local grassroots organization that supports East County community members facing deportation.

Menu detail

Causa Rellena
Small Plate
Cold potato terrine appetizer, typically stuffed with tuna or crab salad. Chef Ant will be serving her plant-based version in a delicate small bite, and topped with micro greens, botija olives, huacatay sauce, and a drizzle of rocoto oil.
Solterito Salad
Peruvian cuisine tends to be starchy and not famous for its salads or greens. One of the few dishes considered a salad is "Solterito", and mix of cooked beans, corn, and queso fresco. For this special event, we'll enjoy a version of this salad with more fresh seasonal greens and an aji panca dressing.
Ceviche vs. Jalea
Small Plate
One of the most famous dishes of Peruvian gastronomy is "Ceviche", a sashimi lightly dressed with an aji amarillo lime marinade. Chef Ant will make a plant based version with mushrooms, avocado, and onions. "Jalea" is another famous dish of tempura seafood. For this vegan event, we'll enjoy vegetables in a gluten-free batter, accompanied with tartar sauce.
Small Plate
A traditional Peruvian fragrant soup that is made with rice, vegetables, and cilantro. Served with aji amarillo and sarsa criolla.
Mushroom Saltado
"Saltado" is another famous dish in Peru, which showcases all the fusion in our culture. Typically made with indigenous ingredients (such potatoes, tomatoes), Spanish ingredients brought after the conquest (beef, onions), and prepared in a Chinese cooking method (stir fry) and served with white rice.
Lucuma Cheesecake
Even though cheesecake is not traditional in Peru, lucmo or eggfruit is one of the most prized flavors among Peruvians and it goes great with cheesecake.


Inca Kola Peruvian Lemon Verbena Soda (can)
Latin American Beer (bottle)
Chicha Morada Purple Corn Drink (pitcher for 3-4)
South American Red Wine (glass)
South American White Wine (glass)
South American Rose (glass)

6-Course Peruvian Popup, a Plant-Based Dinner for Fiestas Patrias

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland
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