Creole Japanese Fusion

In-PersonVenice, Venice


Pop-up space
Large (15-20 Guests)
cajun/creole, japanese
This meal is all about bringing together two amazing cultures and highlighting how although their cultures are so different, they are also highly complimentary. When you think of Cajun/Creole you envision loud, spicy, bold; while Japanese culture evokes a sentiment of elegance and balance. Join me for this fun menu that'll have your taste buds celebrating.

Menu detail

Shishito Bonito
Small Plate
Shishito peppers, smoked salt, lime juice, bonito flakes. Careful, you might get a spicy one
Roasted Okra Curry
Small Plate
Creamy mashed potatoes, roasted peppers and okra curry, pork katsu
Cajun Spice Ahi Salad
Small Plate
Sushi grade ahi coated in a Cajun spice blend and seared, served with a slaw tossed in a miso, ginger, lime vinaigrette
Crawfish Etouffee
Small Plate
Aerated etoufee, crawfish scampi, seared scallops, woodear mushroom, and buckwheat soba noodles
Gumbo Udon
Small Plate
Gumbo broth, jumbo shrimp, tofu chicharron, udon noodles
Rib Eye
Sushi rice, truffle cream, yuzu sprouts, seared rib eye steak
Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream Sandwich
Homemade matcha green tea ice cream served on toasted hawaiian bread
Sweet Tea & Green Tea


Saporro Beer

Creole Japanese Fusion

In-PersonVenice, Venice
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