South Indian Cooking made Simple

In-PersonUptown, Chicago


This is an alcohol-free event
Small (4-10 Guests)
vegetarian, indian, vegan
Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Flavorful, fresh and steamed food made mainly with rice, lentils and fresh coconut is quintessential South Indian food. Come and embark on a journey to explore the rich cuisine of South India. Learn to easily create these delicious South Indian favorites that are made oil free, gluten free, dairy free and perfect for palates that enjoy spicy food as well as palates that dont! Classes are Hands-on, completely Whole Food & Plant Based and include recipe handouts.We will also feast on all of the dishes together at the end of the class. Come and learn how to cook meals in a nutritious and delicious manner to keep you and your family healthy. Be Inspired & Educated on how to CREATE A BALANCE BETWEEN TASTE & HEALTH!

Menu detail

Steamed Idli (Rice cakes)
Traditionally served all over South India for breakfast, Idli's are soft, spongy, steamed cakes made with fermented batter of rice, lentil and flattened rice (This is a universal batter used for majority of the dishes and since it needs to be fermented overnight, I will give you the recipe as well as places where it is readily available).
Masala Idli
A tangy and spiced twist to traditional Idli's by tempering them with tomatoes, spices and fresh herbs.
Fresh Coconut Chutney
Small Plate
This incredibly nutritious and fresh chutney is the secret of making everything taste amazing and it pairs perfectly with all the dishes we will be creating.
Another amazing South Indian favorite which we will be creating is this versatile flavorful Rice crepe made once again with the Dosa batter, only it is slightly thicker and made differently by topping it with various vegetables, herbs and fresh coconut. We will be creating 2 variations along with ideas for many more!
Small Plate
A protein rich lentil stew made with vegetables, herbs and spices which enhances the flavor of the meal by adding a tangy and spicy zing.
Potato Stuffing for the Masala Dosa
Small Plate
A mildly spiced, versatile and flavorful vegetable filling for the Dosa or can be stuffed in Idli's while steaming.
Dosa- Plain and Masala
No South Indian meal is complete without the famous crispy Dosa's- a savory thin pancake made with a fermented rice and lentil batter. We will create 2 varieties i.e. plain and masala (stuffed with potato filling) to mark a perfect end to our South Indian Cooking lesson and the beginning of our heavenly feast together!

South Indian Cooking made Simple

In-PersonUptown, Chicago
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