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April Avant

Washington, DC


hi there.

We’d love to get you know you better and thought we’d take this opportunity to share a bit about us.
- We are the new kids on the Feastly Block.
- “End” at 10pm is defined as: April takes her apron off and joins in the fun.
- We are metro accessible, located two blocks from the green/yellow.
- We not so secretly freak out that there is not enough food 30 minutes before everyone arrives.
- We chuckle to ourselves at the end of the night as we insist everyone take leftovers.

When you come to meet us you will understand what makes The Nosh wonderful.

Hint: It’s cool people like you.

The Nosh has your fork... err... back...whether you are coming for a good meal or to meet some new people.
We are here to make your day a little brighter.
Join us!
fork in hand,
April A.