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April DeVonaNEW MAKER!

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA


April DeVona, born and raised in Providence Rhode Island, grew up with an inherent passion for food and business which stemmed from both her Italian American heritage, and the thriving restaurant scene that resides in Providence. Where Johnson and Whales culinary institute was founded, she worked in the fine dining restaurant world of Providence and Newport, RI where she shaped her skills and tools as a teen, building a solid foundation of excellence and hospitality etiquette that would forever be instilled in her repertoire. When she met her now husband and business partner Isaac Grillo in 2007, they decided quickly to work towards their common goal of opening their own bars. For almost a decade they’ve worked diligently while making a name for themselves in the ever growing miami hospitality community. After launching their small cool craft cocktail bar in South Beach named “Repour” in February of 2015, they still had their eye on the horizon hungry for a second space where they’d have the opportunity to offer a different experience to their guests. Being in the hospitality biz for over two decades she has worked almost every position in both fine dining and high profile bars/ clubs providing the highest level of service possible to every guest that has crossed her path. This has set her unbreakable standard and expectations that she holds both herself to and her staff, delivering their guests something to remember seamlessly and consistently in both venues. Currently you can find her and her husband at their newest venue “Death Or Glory” in Delray Beach where they teamed up with their partners to continue this journey in giving a one of a kind cocktail and dining experience to their patrons.