10 Bacon Breakthroughs That Could Break Out

Creative types are always adding bacon to new things, and what we consider bizarre or unusual now could be the next big bacon "thing."

Bacon is everywhere, and we couldn’t be happier. From donuts to mac and cheese, the best meat in the whole wide world has become a staple in certain recipes .

While bacon donuts are the norm now, at one point, they were considered novel. Creative types are always adding bacon to new things, and what we consider bizarre or unusual now could be the next big bacon “thing.”

These next ten items will have you scratching your head right before licking your lips.

1. Bacon-Wrapped Sushi


Who cares about thousands of years of tradition once bacon is involved? Photo: @brolysseus / Instagram

Looking for a way to freshen up you sushi platter? Forsake your bluefin and start wrapping your delicacies in some crispy, smoked bacon. Whatever you choose for filling, it’s not important, so long as you get this main ingredient right. If Spam sushi can be a thing, so can bacon.

2. Bacon Salad Cups


So cute, and apparently pairs well with pie! Photo: @mz_od / Instagram

Let’s call it how we see it – bacon bits are a cop out. If you need bacon as a way to eat something green, you may as well give yourself what you want. Weaving bacon together to form handy cups, you can portion out miniature salads into handheld, half-healthy, half-delicious morsels.

3. Apple Pie with Bacon Lattice


It’s perfection, materialized. Photo: @bandbclassic / Instagram

Yep, more bacon weaving (soon to be a college course). Add a crunchy dynamic to your grandmother’s apple pie by putting a crispy bacon lattice on top of that bad boy. A healthy dose of brown sugar will candy the bacon and make for another dessert-breakfast mashup masterpiece.

4. Bacon Taco Shells


So, is that taco cleanse still a thing I can do? Photo: @ethatsme / Instagram

If there’s one major area of the taco that needed improvement, it was the shell. Using the same weaving technique described above, you’ll essentially have a deconstructed bacon cheeseburger at the ready. If someone can work Doritos into this, it might very well break the food corner of the internet.

5. Bacon Mozzarella Sticks


If only I could marry a food… Photo: / Instagram

We already love cheese sticks, but this goes the extra mile by dipping them in bacon instead of breadcrumbs. The result is all of your ooey-gooey, crispy-crunchy dreams coming true. We just don’t know if you’re supposed to dip it in marinara sauce or maple syrup. Both?

6. Maple Bacon Kettle Corn


Get your own bowl. Photo: @blindmonkwpb / Instagram

Popcorn is one of the few foods that remains relatively un-bacon-ified because, well, where do you put it? Thankfully, someone realized you could make kettle corn with maple instead of corn syrup and this bacon bit crossbreed followed shortly after that.

7. Bacon S’mores


I’m listening. Photo: Ned Raggett / Flickr

If you want to win over the campfire crowd, add a little pig to your pow-wow. Use a bacon-chocolate bar or just a couple bacon slices if you’ve got them handy, and get ready for your new camping tradition.

8. Bacon Caramel Brownies


Hmm, needs more bacon. Photo: @mstaramariee / Instagram

Sweet and savory are a classic combo, and it works best if the savory component is bacon. With a caramel brownie center that’s also overflowing with bacon shards, you’ll forget about that last bacon donut you just had.

9. Chocolate Dipped Bacon


These won’t last long. Photo: Sarah Marriage / Instagram

What was I just saying about sweet and savory? This combo is the most primitive version of the equation and works especially well with dark chocolate. Bite into the bacon a little bit, let the chocolate melt in your mouth, and then cry because life is beautiful.

10. Bacon-Flavored Vodka


Prep that bloody mary bar! Photo: Jeff Tidwell / Flickr

If you’re looking for a faster way to end it all, why not try bacon infused vodka? Try using this pork-flavored spirit to cut your maple syrup or as a lovely addition to your ever improving bloody mary. You’ll squeal like a pig as they drain your liver.