10 Gadgets That Will Be In Your Future Kitchen

Tech companies are making much bigger plays for our homes, specifically our kitchens.

While the basics of cooking haven’t changed much since humans began cooking meat over a fire or mixing stuff in a pot, the science of it has evolved by leaps and bounds. Many of our modern inventions take those basics, but make the process faster, simpler and most importantly, intuitive.

From ceramic microwaves to smart refrigerators kitchen appliances of today come packed with computing power. But if you think everything that could get created has been, think again. Here are ten of the most promising technologies that might one day soon be in your kitchen and on your phone.

1. SmartyPans


Cooking on auto-pilot. Photo: @iamsmartypans / Instagram

Aside from an adorable name, this soon-to-be Indiegogo star has a few other features going for it. If you open its corresponding app and say which ingredients you’re adding, the pan will weigh how much of that ingredient has been added to provide accurate nutrition tracking. Dishwasher and oven safe, the pan also has a removable scale for non-stovetop uses.

2. Ripple Maker


Latte artists might not appreciate the technological advantage. Photo: @coffeeripples / Instagram

3D printers are coming for your cup of coffee. Invented for use by baristas, the Ripple Maker prints images onto the top of your coffee order using coffee extract.

Baristas can choose from several pre-programmed designs, upload their own, or use images sent from customers via the company’s app. Say hello to the computerization of latte art.

3. LG Signature Fridge


A fridge with fun features? Sign us up! Photo: @lghairan / Instagram

Unlike many of its competitors, LG didn’t create a computer fridge (probably too busy creating TV screens that roll up like newspapers). Instead, they outfitted an appliance with various innovative features.

If you knock on the tinted door, the interior lights up allowing you to see the contents within. You can also open the fridge via a foot sensor when you have full or dirty hands.

4. Brewie

cesgadget9 If you spend more than $1500 on beer every year, this might be a steal. Photo: @urbrewie / Instagram

Looking similar to a HAL 9000 unit, Brewie is the world’s first fully automated home-brewery. Now, $1,500 might not sound like a bargain, but considering that Brewie is almost $2,000 cheaper than PicoBrew’s Brewvana it is the set-it-and-forget-it homebrew machine.

Brewie will take your beer from idea to keg-ready product with the bonus of monitoring the entire process on your phone.

5. Spün


Great, another nagging voice in your head to monitor your food intake. Photo: @spunutensils / Instagram

This high-tech utensil monitors your calories as you eat and offers spoon and fork attachments. Sure, similar utensils have been created before, but Spün is the most promising so far.

Using face-recognition-esque software, the corresponding app determines what you’re eating once you take an in-app picture. Unlike its predecessors, Spün politely notifies you that you should stop eating when you reach a certain caloric threshold.

Relax, burgers and sandwiches are still untraceable.

6. Bosch APAS Personal Assistant


Baristas everywhere are shaking in their hipster boots. Photo: @boschglobal / Twitter

In the future, a robot may be your barista. To show off their robot arm’s versatility, Bosch set up a little coffee shop in the middle of CES this past year. This member of the APAS line allowed customers to virtually write their name on their cup, create their drinks, and deliver it to their pickup area. Let’s be honest, the best part about this is your correctly spelled name.

7. Samsung Family Hub Fridge


“Finally, a fridge that’s fun for the whole family!” said no one ever (until now). Photo: @samsunghomeappliances / Instagram

Samsung had no qualms about making a highly connected fridge this year. A gigantic touchscreen lives on one of the front doors and runs a variety of apps. Kids can use the screen to make drawings or adults can use it to follow recipes.

Cameras within the fridge let you keep track of your groceries in real time. No price tag on this bad boy, but that’s for the best. We can all pretend we can afford it for a little while.

8. OneCook


Who needs a personal chef when you can have a personal Robo-chef? Photo: @OneCook / Facebook

Every year, several companies swarm Las Vegas in hopes of changing the slow cooker game. OneCook shares many features of its failed predecessors but yields consistent results.

Users can sign up for the company’s meal delivery service that supplies them with prepackaged portions. The machine itself has different compartments and can follow recipes, adding ingredients over time instead of the traditional ingredient dump associated with crockpot dishes.

You can control the OneCook from, you guessed it, your phone in order to have dinner waiting for you as soon as you get home.

__9. Smarter __


Living by yourself just got SO much easier. Photo: @smarter.am / Instagram

Earlier this year, Smarter – known for the iKettle – introduced three new product prototypes that we’d love to have in our kitchen. A fridge cam lets you know how stocked your fridge is when you’re at the grocery store while smart mats weigh how much of an item, like milk, is left.

The Smarter Detect thinks bigger, aiming to connect your entire home. Whether you need an oven timer or a notification when you leave the fridge door open, this wall-mounted device will let your smartphone know what’s going on in your home. And you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a smart fridge to find out.

10. Bonaverde Coffee


Taking the “art” completely out of artisan coffee roasting. Photo: @coffeechangers / Instagram

Though this project was successfully funded on Kickstarter over two years ago, this coffee machine has only recently seen the light at the end of the production tunnel.

Aiming to cut out the middlemen and engage consumers directly with farmers, Bonaverde’s hardware roasts, grinds, and brews coffee beans without inconveniencing your morning routine.

The machine now also offers app connectivity, allowing you to time your coffee remotely (read: from your bed), order coffee directly from farmers, and even get ideal roasting tips for the coffee you already possess.