10 Gingerbread Houses You Wish You Could Visit (And Eat)

You might think your gingerbread house is the best thing since gummy bear gargoyles, but many pastry chefs consider the holidays to be their Olympics.

Once we get over the decidedly violent task of carving pumpkins in fall, our attention shifts to the sweet, delicate gingerbread houses we plan to construct – or eat trying.

You might think your gingerbread house is the best thing since gummy bear gargoyles, but many pastry chefs consider the holidays to be their Olympics. Don’t be jelly; just grab some jelly beans off your house’s roof.

Here are a few sculptures depicting predominantly real locales throughout the world with screen-licking attention to detail.

1. The Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)


If only this were built to scale. Photo:

This colorful recreation of the impressive landmark brings a whole new meaning to eating your way through Paris.

2. The U.S. Capitol Building (Washington D.C., U.S.)


I wish the real one had candy-cane pillars out front. I’d sure visit more often. Photo:

They cheated! They used a branch to build this house: the legislative branch! (Who doesn’t love political puns?) This stunning recreation tastefully melds a spat of patriotism with seasonal wonderment.

3. Országház (Budapest, Hungary)


I hope they’re voting on exporting their sugar trades straight into my mouth. Photo:

Hungary’s Parliament never made me so hungry. They would have received extra credit had they recreated the Danube in melted blue Jolly Ranchers.

4. Lama Temple (Beijing, China)


It’s got to be hard to meditate while surrounded by the sweet smell of gingerbread. Photo:

I’m finding inner peace already. Oh wait, I’m finding the inner pieces of this compound to be delicious. But, sure, peace is there too.

5. The White House (Washington D.C., U.S.)


It might not look exactly like the real thing, but that won’t stop me from inhaling it. Photo: DoDNewsFeatures; EJ Hersom / Flickr

Ah, yes, The White House post-scorching by the Brits. You’d think a little foresight would have had them using white chocolate or frosting in this situation. Regardless, it’s very impressive.

6. The Smithsonian Institution Building (Washington D.C., U.S.)


So, if I eat it, do I also ingest the knowledge within? Photo: Four Seasons Hotel Washington, D.C.

You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not eat any national treasures (we’re all looking at you, Nicolas Cage)! Who knew administrative offices of Norman-style architecture could look so delicious?

7. The Guggenheim Museum (New York City, New York, U.S.)


The Guggenheim should consider an exhibition of gingerbread replicas—so meta! Photo:

This creation is completely unbelievable; those taxis aren’t cutting anyone off at all!

8. Melbourne Cricket Ground (Melbourne, Australia)


What does it mean that the people look more delicious than the landscape?! Photo: Melbourne Cricket Ground / Twitter

Sometimes, you create a gingerbread cricket stadium, but stage an Aussie rules football match. Because you play by your own rules!

9. The Benson Hotel’s “Castle Dubendorf” (Portland, Oregon, U.S.)


Screw eating it, I just want to live here. Photo: Benson Hotel

Portland chef David Diffendorfer has been building epic gingerbread creations for the last 20 years. Last year he built this imaginary castle he dubbed, “Castle Dubendorf.” Anyone else getting a Grand Budapest Hotel vibe here?

10. The Empire State Building (New York City, New York, U.S.)


You know, that ape should look a lot happier hugging a spire that sweet. Photo: Le Parker Meridien New York

Is it just us or is the Empire State Building looking a little stunted? Maybe it’s just really cold outside. Or maybe King Kong just gave it a much-needed ringing.