10 Great Non-Traditional Instagram Accounts To Satisfy Your #FoodPorn Cravings

I know that most food Instagrams are very homogenous in style and character. Here are ten to follow that break the cake mold.

You’re reading this, so obviously, you’re interested in looking at #foodporn. The movement towards food accepting food as edible art has led to a proliferation of aficionados of food in all its forms, perhaps most notably: Food Bloggers.

You’ll be hard-pressed to take a scroll through any feed without a tableau of edible delights awaiting you somewhere. Some even consider it a lifestyle.

I try to keep my follows of food and clothing Instas to a minimum because otherwise I will be hungry and spending all my money on dresses all day, every day (i.e., whenever I take a scroll).

I know myself.


Photos of food IN dresses take it all to a whole new level. Photo: @groehrs / Instagram

I also know that most food Instagrams are very homogenous in style and character. Things I’m bored of seeing: ice cream cones held up against a pastel wall, aerial shots of a coffee cup steaming next to a well-worn book, and icky too-close photos of sauce-laden foods.

Here are ten Instagrams to follow that break the cake mold.

1. Samantha Lee @leesamantha


“I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to… EAT.” Photo: @leesamantha / Instagram

Rounding near a million followers is the epic mom of the year award winner Samantha Lee. To coax her picky kids to eat healthier, this Malaysian mom began telling stories with the dishes she served, rendering her children’s food into colorful, striking tableaus inspired by fairy tales, pop culture, children’s books, and her travel. I especially dig that Adele plate. “Hello…can you eat me?”

2. Gretchen Roëhrs @groehrs


High-brow AF. Photo: @groehrs / Instagram

Culling inspiration from fashion designer collections and New York street style, California-based artist and graphic designer Gretchen pairs an eye-popping piece of produce with a sketch of a woman to render food into wearable art, if only wearable to the petite woman in the illustration.

3. Dominique Ansel @dominiqueansel


Mmm, burnt food. Photo: @dominiqueansel / Instagram

Best known for creating the Cronut®, Dominique Ansel is a New York-based chef whose bakery puts a new spin on baked goods. His Instagram is gorgeous food porn, riddled with phenomenally unique dishes he samples all over the world. Take, for example, this photo of burnt clementines with a clementine granita and cream.

4. The Sugar Hit @thesugarhit


World’s most delicious ice cream imposter cupcakes! Photo: @thesugarhit / Instagram

Sarah Coates is a delightful, ebullient, funny, young food blogger from Australia, who makes me salivate on the daily with her creations. Her website has all her recipes, and her Instagram boasts sweet creations, like lemon-cardamom-spiced longjohns or Christmas pudding strudels with salted caramel butter. NBD. Garcon! Napkin for my keyboard, please!

5. Ida Frosk @idafrosk


How could you bring yourself to eat that little guy?! Photo: @idafrosk / Instagram

Norwegian Instagram food artist Ida Frosk upends that whole “Don’t play with your food” credo that our parents hollered at all of us as wee ones. It’s the internet, we’re all adults, and it’s definitely okay to play with your food now, thanks to Ida’s magical, storybook illustrations constructed of edible items. I’m talkin’ STOP MOTION FILMS FEATURING BUILDINGS MADE OUT OF CREAM CHEESE!!! And just look at that Lil’ guy right up there!

6. Yotam Ottolenghi @ottolenghi


Chinese turnip cake, anyone? Photo: @ottolenghi / Instagram

Yotam Ottolenghi runs one of the most delicious restaurants in London, and that’s saying a lot. They have published several gorgeous cookbooks, most of which languish in my kitchen because I’d rather eat then cook and then eat, but that’s neither here nor there.

It’s like passing by the window of your favorite restaurant every day, with a new treat on display, all photographed beautifully and good for those who like staring at layered slabs of chocolate, walnut, and rose. You know, if that’s your thing. (Why wouldn’t it be your thing?)

7. Dogs of Sqirl @dogsofsqirl


I can has? Photo: @dogsofsqirl / Instagram

Sqirl (not a misspelling), the rapidly omnipresent/omnipotent wee emporium of gourmet might in the newly-flourishing Virgil Village neighborhood in Los Angeles, has the most consistently delicious brunch menu I’ve ever come across. Locally-sourced ingredients, innovative techniques, and modern takes on old European recipes render every meal there a solid 10/10.

Their Instagram, @sqirlla is mouthwatering, but they get me with their @dogsofsqirl handle, which boasts pics of all the cute dogs that visit Sqirl every day, often alongside their owners’ meals.

8. A Cozy Kitchen @acozykitchen


Frozen Funfetti?! Swoon. Photo: @acozykitchen / Instagram

Los Angeles cook and baker extraordinaire Adrianna Adarme runs A Cozy Kitchen, and both the way in which she writes about the food she makes and the frequent appearance of her beloved Corgi Amelia render her Instagram delightfully off-the-beaten-food-blog path.

9. Our Food Stories @foodstories


Beetroot truffle risotto much? Photo: @foodstories / Instagram

For when you want your food photos not to look like they’re on some boring modern table but like they’re living tableaus lifted from a Scandinavian Mannerist painting salon. Lush fabrics, dark backgrounds, textured tablescapes are all replete with wildly beautiful flora and candlelight.

10. Flame Like Me @flamelikeme


These are the donuts you are looking for. Photo: @flamelikeme / Instagram

What kind of modern food/lifestyle/travel blogger would I be if I didn’t share my own Instagram in this collection? NO CRUMB BACK GUARANTEES: all photos of food will be exciting, colorful, and captioned with a hedonistic enthusiasm you’ve never seen this side of the e-Mississippi. Expect a lot of exceptional donuts.