11 Incredibly Unexpected Uses For A Waffle Maker

If you carry an inventor’s spirit, your waffle maker isn’t just for waffles.

If you carry an inventor’s spirit, your waffle maker isn’t just for waffles. No, dearest dreamer, your waffle maker can create anything - well, almost anything.

Sure, it was designed for waffles, but as long as you’re alright with your dishes coming out with grid imprints, let your imagination run wild. In fact, the waffle maker might be the most underrated tool of the kitchen.

There are other close-up grills, but those can’t make a waffle in the first place. Meanwhile, the waffle maker can give you everything from breakfast to dessert, like the eleven we present you today.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies



Let’s just start with desserts. Your cookie dough could go in the oven, but that takes forever. If you’re baking for one (euphoric human such as yourself), go to the waffle maker.

If you happen to be baking for you and a date, still go with the waffle maker. It shows off your ingenuity.

2. Brownies



You can totally go the waffle maker route here. Just tuck those brownie makings in for a hot nap and serve with ice cream and sprinkles.

The waffle maker gives you more ease of control, allowing it to be as soft and chewy or hard and crispy as you desire. The most important step here is avoiding going mad with power.

3. Cinnamon Rolls



Yes, they’ll likely come out all big and fluffy if you use an oven, which, as we’ve discussed above, takes too long.

But you’re not trying to sell cinnamon rolls for a living here. You just want to be filled with cinnamon, sugar, and unspeakable joy. This is the way to go. Be happy forever, sooner.

4. Churros



Get ready for the most unique-looking churros to come out of your original kitchen. Layer thick strips of dough, get them golden and then roll in cinnamon and sugar.

We estimate you will produce and consume a billion of these. You will feel emotionally invincible and physically wrecked simultaneously, but it’ll be worth it.

5. Macaroni & Cheese



Now on to more savory selections. You may think a mess is on the horizon with this game-changer, but fear not! You’re on the verge of enjoying crispy mac and cheese bites, the likes of which you will probably devour regularly.

These may become so addictive your family might schedule an intervention once you pull this off because you’ll never stop. Never.

6. Soft Pretzels



It’ll just take nailing this once before you are hooked. Lace-up that dough, arranging one in each quadrant and flatten them with heat. Then salt them up like there’s no tomorrow.

7. Quesadillas



A simple go-to that even the drunkest college student could manage, a waffle-maker quesadilla does the doughy-cheesy goodness right.

It takes as long as a microwave and tastes like you went all stove-top. It’s a blessing. Treasure the ease and devour the cheese.

8. Calzones



Akin to the quesadilla, a waffle-maker calzone packs the goodies like it’s nothing. Lay out a layer of pizza dough that hangs over the side, toss in every magical move your taste buds plan to worship and finish savory construction from the top with the rest of the pizza dough. You have thus won life for the day.

9. Hash Browns



At a minimum, you can throw hash browns into your waffle maker and grill them right up. But you can also get real ragtime radical with it and toss some peppers and onions in there too.

Listen; this is likely going to become your breakfast routine for the rest of your life, so maybe try a few wildcards.

10. Grilled Cheeses



This meal may become your dinner for the next month. This recipe is so easy, I shouldn’t have to explain it to you. But I will because I care about your satisfaction of life and want you to be happy.

Butter up the outsides of the bread, pack cheese in the middle, and then wait for that heavenly smell to get so strong you start to freak out. Open waffle maker. Eat. Live.

11. Falafel



Get crafty by cooking up falafel in your waffle maker. It’s the way to be. After you process all the chickpeas, garlic, and spices, and then patty them up proper, go all the way with the waffle maker, ensuring a crunchy, delicious outcome.