11 Majestic Breakfast Bowls To Superpower Your Day

One of our favorite hashtags – #breakfastbowls, leads us down a rabbit hole of people who take breakfast to the extreme, practically every morning.

One of our favorite hashtags – #breakfastbowls, leads us down a rabbit hole of people who take breakfast to the extreme, practically every morning. They’re artistic, health-conscious, and bright enough to know the secret: breakfast bowls take very little work in the way of cooking.

Whether sweet or savory, they’re all about fresh ingredients, balanced assembly, and of course, the styling. Here are eleven savory and sweet masterpieces sure to inspire your future morning meals.

1. Chia Berry Bowl


If you like your pudding tart, this one’s for you. Photo: @ayla.eulalia / Instagram

Simple, clean, and stocked with superfoods – this vegan bowl has a chia pudding base topped with goji berries, kiwis, and bananas. She probably could have done something creative with the grapefruit, but this minimalist style blogger decided not to overwhelm the eyes or her taste buds.

2. Green Machine Bowl


Wait, you can eat smoothies out of bowls now?? Photo: @k_a_t_h_r_i_n / Instagram

Of course, the color-coordinated breakfast bowl is a thing amongst this particular circle (pun intended) of breakfast artists. That’s a green smoothie you’re looking at—made with spinach, banana, and almond butter. Raspberries and grapefruit provide a pleasing contrast to the other green fruits while the sesame seeds and bee pollen give a little extra flair—though perhaps unnecessarily.

3. Power Pink Bowl


This bowl doesn’t look natural, but I still want to eat it. Photo: @the_blonde_gypset / Instagram

Speaking of color-coordinated—is this pink enough for you? Acai fruit is the key ingredient that gives it that vivid color. Frosty berries, flowers, and nuts are OTT in a good way. Ten out of ten would order this in a froyo shop thinking it was dessert.

4. Natural Bowl


Finally, something that doesn’t look like it’d stain my teeth. Photo: @choosingchia / Instagram

A more delicate color palette, but equally scrumptious looking—this smoothie bowl features a swirl of strawberry chia jam, crunchy granola, fresh strawberries, and chunks of fresh coconut. No surprise that thousands of #cleaneats followers were drooling over it on the original post.

5. Exotic Berry Bowl


In case, you like to eat your breakfast encased in greenery. Photo: @8thandlake / Instagram

There’s a lot of delicious happening in this bowl. For starters, the base is porridge made with coconut milk (you can never go wrong with coconut milk and fruit). The #breakfastbowl diva behind this shot chose to stew her fruit, but that’s extra fancy. Fresh apple slices, pomegranate seeds, blackberries and exotic-looking dragonfruit bring this up to the peak of breakfast beauty and nutrition.

6. Banana Millet Bowl


I’d advise against eating the cinnamon sticks whole. Photo: @blackwhitevivid / Instagram

Now, moving gradually over toward the savory spectrum, here’s a grain we typically see for dinner—millet—made into a porridge, with coconut milk. They’ve added a dollop of Greek yogurt or coconut whipped cream, and piled it with roasted bananas, along with a morning espresso.

This dish comes from Turkish blogger @blackwhitevivid, so it’s no surprise the flavors don’t conform to the typical American standards of “breakfast.”

7. Veggie Fried Egg Bowl


Finally, some eggs with breakfast! Photo: @drizzlekitchen / Instagram

Now we’re in the full savory territory, with this spinach, shallot and zucchini veggie power mix over turmeric rice. Everything is topped with a fried egg to make it more filling and more like breakfast food.

8. Ancient Grains, Avocado & Egg Bowl


The most balanced of all the breakfast bowls. Photo: @chefonaroll / Instagram

Ancient grains are all over the place in this scrumptious-looking savory breakfast bowl, which was—no surprise—posted by a Southern California chef. Farro, millet, and quinoa: three things you may have never considered having for breakfast, but when tossed with lemon oil and topped with avocado and slightly runny eggs – um, YES! Seconds, please.

9. Dark Greens & Egg Bowl


A good way to trick yourself into eating salad for breakfast. Photo: @thefoodfitlife / Instagram

If you’ve never had a yolk-drippy egg on top of a crunchy dark greens salad, DO IT. You’ll never go back to fried breakfasts. This version features soft boiled eggs and crunchy-on-the-outside spicy roasted sweet potatoes. (Carnivore tip: put thick-cut bacon on top, oh my goodness yes.)

10. Sausage & Kale Bowl


And if you make too much you can have it for dinner, too! Photo: @zucchiniandcarrots / Instagram

Another one for the meat-eaters out there: a sausage, roasted sweet potato, kale, onion bowl. Hearty yet healthy and delicious. You could put a runny-yolk egg on top, especially if it’s weekend brunch.

11. Thai Breakfast Bowl


If you make this, make extra—and bring it to me. Photo: @stephaniedujour / Instagram

Last, but likely the most gourmet, this is something you probably never thought of doing for breakfast before—but makes so much sense. In this bowl, coconut jasmine rice with green curry, a micro green salad and a fried egg on top.

It’s filling, flavorful and a total departure from conventional Western ideas of when you’re allowed to eat curry. Don’t forget the fresh cilantro and squeeze of lime!