12 Delicious Muffin Tin Treats You Can Totally DIY

We have a solution to your mealtime woes and it’s called the muffin tin.

Adulting can be hard sometimes. It’s tough enough finding the time to simply consume three balanced meals a day, let alone cook and clean everything up afterward. Well, folks, we have a solution to your mealtime woes and it’s called the muffin tin.

All you have to do is buy some trusty cup liners, and you’ll never have to clean a pan again (although if we’re being honest, pans are way easier to clean than muffin tins, but that argument is for another day).

The possibilities are endless. Image: @bebz_ / Instagram

Here are twelve of our favorite muffin tin recipes you can easily make for any meal of the day.

1. French Toast Cinnamon Roll Cups


Just don’t forget the dipping sauce! Image: @adventurebite / Instagram

Have you ever woken up craving homemade cinnamon rolls, gotten really excited because you have all of the ingredients for them, and then immediately resorted to hopelessness because you remembered cinnamon rolls take way too long?

Ain’t nobody got time to waste on watching dough rise. Because we’ve been-there-done-that, here are some French Toast Cups that look and taste almost exactly like cinnamon rolls. With the added brown sugar glaze on top, you won’t miss a thing.

2. Matcha Mochi Cupcakes


The goo-factor in these is on point. Image: @gabbyphi / Instagram

Matcha AND mochi? These cupcakes are basically the love child of two of the trendiest items on the food scene right now. As you can tell by the consistency presented in this photo, one bite will transport you to a wonderfully chewy place (thanks, mochi) of flavor (thanks, matcha).

3. Blueberry Pop-Tart Funfetti Muffins


Holy mother of muffins, I’m so glad this is a thing. Image: @nycdining / Instagram

If these muffins won’t get you out of bed in the morning, nothing will. We highly encourage playing with your food at all times and the first and most important meal of the day is as good a time as any. Moral of the story, eat well, have fun, and don’t settle for regular muffins. You deserve the best. You go, Glen Coco.

4. Baked Eggs in Toast Cups


Cute + healthy + filling = perfect snack. Image: @bethalissa / Instagram

Eggs can be extremely messy to make. If you’re like us and don’t gain full brain capacity until you’ve had your morning coffee, you could be scraping cooked eggs off of the muffin tin for days. Not fun.

Next time, grab that piece of toast you know you want, fold it into a muffin tin, crack an egg on top, add all the toppings your heart desires and throw those babes in the oven while you make said coffee. Problem solved.

5. Raspberry Brownie Bites


Corner pieces for everyone!! Image: @kristines_kitchen / Instagram

There are a few issues regarding brownies that have nothing to do with their taste. Think about the last time you brought brownies to an event. There were probably hordes of people fighting over those crispy corner pieces. And you know there’s always that friend who volunteers to cut the pan so they can get first dibs on the biggest piece.

Well, next time, make your brownies in a muffin tin. Everyone will get that crispy edge feel and they’ll automatically be individually proportioned. You’re welcome.

6. Wonton Pizza Cups


Just hand it over and no one gets hurt. Image: @priyams_kitchen / Instagram

We are so devoted to pizza that we cannot believe we didn’t come up with this idea first.

All you have to do is pick up a package of wonton wrappers, arrange them in the muffin tin, and fill with your standard pizza ingredients like sauce, cheese, meats, and more. The wonton will add more crispiness than your average crust.

7. Ham & Cheese Quinoa Frittatas


Say hello to your new breakfast accomplice. Image: @kristines_kitchen / Instagram

You can make your fancy meals all you want, but there’s no denying the best foods are the ones that take the least amount of time to make and still taste amazing. That’s why you should adopt these ham and cheese frittatas into your breakfast repertoire.

You can assemble the ingredients and cook whenever you have the time, and then store the rest in the freezer for when you need a bite before rushing out the door.

8. Mini Apple Pies


I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful. Image: @banadura / Instagram

Making a whole pie can seem daunting. Baking is already hard on its own. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make pie at all. It just means you should employ your friend, the muffin tin, and make mini versions so you can ensure each one is as perfect as the next. Plus, you can experiment more with the topping art, like with these mini vegan apple pies. Have fun with it.

9. Apple Roses


I’d prefer a dozen of these over real roses any day. Image: @tearndt / Instagram

These apple roses have been all over Pinterest and Instagram for good reason. Just look at how beautiful they are! Most edible items this pretty require years of pastry school and practice, but these apple roses are actually easy to make.

All you need is some puff pastry, apples, lemon juice, and a little bit of flour. Whip these out the next time you’re going to mom’s house. She’ll be impressed.

10. Oatmeal Cups


Oatmeal has never been so convenient. Image: @chrisstines / Instagram

Let’s face it, oatmeal is up there as one of the blandest foods in the world if you don’t jazz it up. No wonder General Mills put dinosaur eggs in the stuff. It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

Grab your oatmeal, put it in a muffin tin, add as many toppings that will fit, and bake them until they’re beautiful and delicious like these. No theatrics necessary.

11. Cookie Bowls


Bowls you can eat > any and all other bowls. Image: @nunaskoekjes / Instagram

Another great thing about the muffin tin is you can also flip it over and use the bottom as a mold for pretty much anything that is born from dough. In this case, we have a chocolate chip cookie bowl, which we daresay is an even better accompaniment to your ice cream than a boring old ice cream cone.

Just flip your muffin tin over, grease the pan (this is essential), lay your cookie dough on top of a tin, and pop it in the oven. The result will be tasty chocolate chip cookies in bowl form you can use to house any sweet thing you desire.

12. Taco Bowls


See previous “bowls you can eat” comment for reference. Image: @seattlesandwichgirl / Instagram

Similar to the cookie bowls, you can use the bottom of the muffin tin to make taco bowls, perfect for when you have a bunch of tortillas but want to mix things up.

Like before, you’re going to flip your muffin tin over and grease the pan, but instead of laying the tortilla over the cup itself, you’re going to place it between two cups. This will give the sides that crinkliness you usually find in restaurant-quality tostada bowls.