13 Elevated Edibles That Aren’t Pot Brownies

As marijuana slowly creeps into the mainstream, aficionados across the world are coming up with fresh and innovative ways to get you high.

It’s an exciting new world out there when it comes to smoking your weed and eating it, too. As marijuana slowly creeps into the mainstream, aficionados across the world are coming up with fresh and innovative ways to get you high.

This creativity has resulted in some incredible edibles because basic pot brownies are most definitely out of style.

Here are 13 fancy AF THC treats you’ll have to try at home.

1. Weed-Infused Lucky Charm Pancakes


Dude, I would eat this even if it wasn’t infused with cannabis. Image: @addiction_edibles / Instagram

OMG. Face it, the Lucky Charms dude was high on something. It could have been the biggest sugar high known to man, or he could have been amped up on something more adult.

Sorry if we just ruined your childhood, but it was for a good cause, because now you know you can eat Lucky Charms rainbow pancakes and get stoned. Dare we say these will be the shining star of your Wake ‘n’ Bake breakfast?

2. Medicated Macarons


That’s a pretty high stack, wouldn’t you say? Image: @madamemunchie / Instagram

Macarons have a reputation of being these dainty little confections that take hours to make and are super expensive. If macarons were a person, their last name would probably be Kardashian.

Luckily, Madame Munchie, a bakery out of San Francisco, CA, is here to make macarons great again. How do they do it? By heavily medicating them, of course. Now you can feel like a bougie bitch while you get blazed eating your fancy pastries.

3. Thin Mint Cupcakes


It’s the perfect marriage. Image: @swiftcomfort / Instagram

If you don’t love Girl Scout cookies, there is probably something wrong with you. My favorites are Thin Mints, especially after they’ve been chilled in the freezer.

Who knew there could be anything better in the world than these chocolate mint confections until we heard about weed-infused Thin Mint Cupcakes? Just keep these away from the kids (re: me) or it could get messy.

4. Tiramisu Cake Pops


Awww yeahh. Image: @miss_trundle / Instagram

If you’re a coffee fan, chances are you love yourself a little tiramisu. There’s just something magical that happens when you soak ladyfinger cookies in coffee and add mascarpone cheese. Thanks yet again, Italians, for making something utterly delicious.

Now that you know our feelings on tiramisu, you can only imagine how stoked we were to a) see this delicacy in handheld form and b) find out we could get high from it. Christmas came early this year, folks.

5. Medicated Lemon Bars


Imagining my grandma making these is making me giggle. Oh wait, no, that’s the weed. Image: @prohbtd / Instagram

We’re not sure about you, but our grandmas churned out lemon bars like the world depended on them. In a way, the world did. It’s pretty hard to go without regularly consuming that flaky, buttery crust and a perfectly set filling that makes your mouth pucker ever so slightly.

While this is all well and good, it seems as though grandma forgot one primary ingredient. That’s right. These lemon bars can get you high. Just be careful not to eat too many in one sitting. In fact, start with one. Maybe half.

6. Cannabis Creme Brûlée


I’d get the munchies for this, which would give me the munchies for more of this. Image: @beezlescreamery / Instagram

Creme brûlée might be the most economical dessert for stoners. You need a torch to create that illustrious sugary sheen on your creme brûlée, and you can also use a torch to, er … do other stuff that’s fun.

Why not combine the two? All you have to do is cook up your creme brûlée with hash wax and have your side piece ready to hit while it cooks. Is it obvious we’ve done this before?

7. Maple Bacon French Toast Cupcakes


Wow, these weed aficionados know how to eat! Image: @hanscolonial / Instagram

At first glance, these looks like normal cupcakes. But when you read the caption, you realize they’re maple bacon French toast cupcakes. That’s like, three levels of edible happiness combined into one. Two of them are breakfast foods, so that means it’s totally acceptable to eat these before noon, right?

Just so you know, these are 100% medicated. That’s right; there’s weed in the cupcake, the icing, and the maple syrup. Way to be an overachiever.

8. Cannabis Kombucha


It’s healthy and adequately mind-numbing. Image: @sbvmedia / Instagram

This cannabis kombucha is for all you health nuts out there. We’re still not sure how this stuff is even made, but it seems pretty legit. Now you can get high and receive your probiotics in one setting.

Or you can climb to ultimate hipster levels by biking around town with a mason jar of this stuff in your backpack pocket. You know that’s what you want.

9. Cannabis Granola


Get your morning pick-me-up with a little slow-me-down granola! Image: @flourchildsf / Instagram

Most mornings can be made instantly better with a little yogurt and granola. There’s just something so calming about starting your day with some creamy Greek yogurt and crunchy granola before the craziness that is life truly begins.

Since you shouldn’t have to break your routine to get a little hyphy, hit up this medicated cannabis granola by Flour Child out of San Francisco. There’s nothing wrong with showing up to work with an extra skip in your step.

10. Lemon Curd Tarts with Edible Flowers


Edibles with edibles. Gotta love it. Image: @the_herbal_chef / Instagram

These lemon curd tarts with caramel meringue and foraged flowers share an uncanny resemblance with the lemon tarts at the famous Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. They’re just so pristine, you know? They look like something you’d find at a fancy dinner party, or in the encyclopedia when you look up the word “perfection.”

You’d never guess at first sight that these little cuties are heavily medicated and here to get you feeling good. We wouldn’t expect anything less from The Herbal Chef, a real pioneer in fine cannabis dining.

11. Medicated Chocolate Rabbit Ragout


The fanciest cannabis dish I ever did see. Image: @sousweed / Instagram

Imagine you’re at a French restaurant. The specialty tonight is a rabbit ragout. You’ve never eaten rabbit before, but you’re excited to try something new.

PLOT TWIST: You’re actually at your friend’s house, and they made this fancy meal from a recipe they found on Sous Weed, a website dedicated to “high-end, sous vide cannabis recipes made simple.” You can now tell all your friends you got blazed off of the fanciest meal you’ve eaten in your life. Well done.

12. Crawfish Etoufee with Cannabutter Roux


Get ready to settle into a very different kind of food coma. Image: @ms_mia_jane / Instagram

It’s no secret Cajun food is pretty dank. We could honestly live off of jambalaya, gumbo, and crawfish for the rest of eternity. But this girl takes it to the next level by making a Creole favorite, Crawfish Etoufee, and enlightening it with the spice of life, Mrs. Mary Jane.

In this case, the dish is elevated by its cannabutter roux, which is a mixture of flour and cannabis-infused butter or olive oil. Making roux is a labor of love, as it has to cook slowly, sometimes up to 45 minutes, to reach the ideal consistency, but it is worth it, no doubt.

13. Fish Filets with Lemon Haze Tartar Sauce


Just imagine if this sauce could get you high. Image: @kristyibeck / Instagram

Did anyone else’s childhood consist of many trips to Costco and huge bags of fish sticks you could pop in the oven at a moment’s notice? Times were simpler back then, that’s for sure.

But if you’re stressed about the struggles of adulthood, your solution just might be these fish filets with lemon tartar sauce. There’s a little surprise in the sauce that’ll definitely set you up with a more positive outlook on life.