15 Awe-Inspiring #Airbnb Instagram Photos

If you've been on the fence about this type of travel, here are 15 photos that might make you reconsider.

Airbnb has truly revolutionized travel. Giving people an opportunity to live at someone’s home and immerse themselves in a place and a culture is priceless. And beyond the occasional horror story, the majority of experiences are more than positive.

If you’ve been on the fence about this type of travel, here are 15 photos that might make you reconsider.


An Icelandic home even Bjork could love. Photo: @jintycasey / Instagram

It might not be pink insulation, but it works just as well.


Bringing the outdoors in, in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Photo: Eugenio Garcia / Instagram

This is Costa Rica’s version of a Brownstone.


Vintage Airstream style in Moffat, CO. Photo: @james_swasey / Instagram

You go camping. We’ll go glamping.


Treat yo’ self. To a castle! In Rome! Photo: @meanwhilecindy / Instagram

Straight outta’ Game of Thrones. Dragons not included.


This is camping on the Isle of Sky, Scotland. Photo: @citizensoftheworld / Instagram

When you see a tent this beautiful, wouldn’t your first thought be, “why not just get a cabin?”


Under the Tuscan sun, indeed. Photo: @styletoglow / Instagram

The treehouse elevated. Literally.


Fun in the sun at a vineyard in Siena, Italy. Photo: @lilblackkat / Instagram

You think she notices the view?


A lovely geodesic dome in Woodridge, NY. Photo: @leoncatophotographer / Instagram

No blinds? Get ready for nature’s early morning wake-up call.


Take in the sunset and spectacular Canadian view. Photo: @il_etait_une_fois_qc / Instagram

No WiFi? Who cares?


Crashing in a canopy in Centre, France. Photo: Thierry Marzloff / Instagram

If it falls, do you think it will bounce?


A luxe retreat in Joshua Tree, California. Photo: @thejoshuatreehouse / Instagram

Sometimes the best views are indoors.


Another view at Lac La Tuque, Quebec. Photo: @il_etait_une_fois_qc / Instagram

Bathing suits optional?


A cozy cottage in Weisdale, Shetland Islands, United Kingdom. Photo: @shetlandabby / Instagram

Rolling hills and fluffy clouds, all from the comfort of your own private cottage.


A rustic-modern retreat in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood. Photo: @kezhaggarty / Instagram

An oasis in the heart of a city.


A magical palette for a magical place, in Morocco. Photo: @fransquishco / Instagram

Back allies take on a whole new appeal in foreign lands.