5 Reasons Why You Need This Adult Lunchbox


By the Tastemade Team

If the idea of packing a lunch box brings back memories of your favorite childhood movie characters and Japanese trading cards, we are right there with you. But it’s 2018, and everything good from our childhood is coming back. Grown-up lunch boxes are an easy way to enjoy your midday meals in style, and save money in the process. We set out to find the best possible lunchbox out there, and found it. Here are five reasons why The Prepd Pack Lunchbox Set is our pick for #1 lunchbox.

Save $$$

Let’s talk price. While $69 may sound a little pricey for a lunchbox, the usability, functionality, and sheer visual beauty of it will save you dough over time. Since we started packing our lunch in the Prepd Pack, our workweek takeout ordering has gone down significantly. We’re talking once/week, tops (we’re all human and Fridays are hard). On average we spend about $10/day on lunch so after a month of packing our lunches, we’ve saved about $160 on takeout by using our Prepd boxes to meal prep in advance. That’s makes the initial investment #worthit if you ask us.

Easy meal prep

If you’re a meal prep champ or a last minute / night before (sometimes even early morning) planner like me, the Prepd Pack will make your life easier. No longer will you have to scour through your tupperware drawer searching for the correct lid to that tiny dressing container, the Prepd Pack has its own built-in sauce container that screws right into the box. The Prepd BPA-free containers are easily stackable in your fridge and fit perfectly in the bamboo carrying case. With the Prepd Pack Lunchbox Set you’ll be meal prepping like a pro and have the most organized lunch in the office.


Not only is the Prepd pack a money saver, it’s also easier on the environment. With its bamboo carrying case, reusable containers, and magnetic cutlery, it’s a sustainable way to transport your food and transform your eating experience. No takeout containers to clean out or throw away, and no plastic cutlery that goes to waste. With the Prepd Pack Lunchbox Set, you can be on your way to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Prepd Meal Prep App

This $69 lunch box is more than just a vehicle to transport your food. With the Prepd Pack, you also get the Prepd app. With hundreds of healthy recipes to choose from, this app will be your new Sunday meal prep companion.


Your lunch will be Prepd to perfection (see what we did there), and it will look chic AF. The minimalist, sleek, bamboo carrying case is like an elegant briefcase for your lunch. We have no doubt that the organized containers, magnetic cutlery, and your delicious lunch will have you Snapchatting and Insta-storying your masterful kitchen creations your followers will envy. I mean, who isn’t a foodie these days?

Also available at shop.tastemade.com.