5 People Who Ate Themselves To Death

They say the average stomach can hold around four quarts, and some of the people on this list pushed far beyond that threshold.

The chance of your demise being at the end of a dinner table is far from likely. But that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened. In a cruel Darwinian twist of fate, some humans have filled their stomach beyond bursting point and were dealt a killer blow by their unfortunate disorders.

They say the average stomach can hold around four quarts, and some of the people on this list pushed far beyond that threshold. Others just ate too much of something they shouldn’t have.

But most, it should be noted, suffered from an eating disorder, and while these cases are extreme in their conclusion, the dangers of binge eating are very, very real.

1. The Girl Who Died From Eating Too Much Gum


He’s all, “wait, so I’m for real not supposed to swallow it?” Photo: @stadtlandkind / Instagram

In 2011, an English teenager died from eating (and swallowing, obviously) too much gum, around 14 sticks a day. Her poor stomach was failing to absorb the vital minerals that it needed on account of there being far too much of the minty stuff in it (approximately five big lumps).

Doctors initially thought she got poisoned, but her post-mortem revealed that she had potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium deficiencies.

2. The London Fashion Model That Ate 19lbs Of Food In One Sitting


This mountain of food is all, “I’m meant to be SHARED.” Photo: @delhionroads / Instagram

Now the words ‘fashion model’ and ‘food’ aren’t typically lingering around in the same thought, but here is a story of a 23-year-old London model who in 1981, binged on 19lbs of food and blew her presumably tiny stomach out.

In this ill-fated meal, she allegedly devoured a fair share of meat, including one pound of liver, two pounds of kidneys, and a half pound steak. Not content, she continued to eat one pound of cheese, two eggs, two glasses of milk and two thick slices of bread.

Thankfully she didn’t forget her fruits and vegetables with one cauliflower, ten peaches, four pears, two apples, four bananas, along with two pounds each of plums, carrots, and grapes.

3. The Floridian Psychologist That Loved Hot Dogs Too Much


This dog is all, “safety in numbers does not apply to me.” Photo: Steven Depolo / Flickr

In 2013 competitive eater Joey Chestnut set the record for most hot dogs consumed at 69, but then again he trains his stomach and his body for such tasks. Not the case with this next individual.

After returning home from the doctor’s office after she had had an alleged two quarts of matter pumped from her stomach that included 5 lbs of hot dogs, three boxes of crackers and two quarts of milk, a Floridian psychologist foolishly proceeded to start bingeing once more.

An autopsy later found that she had consumed an ungodly amount of hot dogs, broccoli, cereal and a mysterious bubbly green goop.

4. Adolf Frederick: The Greedy King of Sweden


This king is all, “you can’t blame me for trying”—and we can’t. We really can’t. Photo: the lost gallery / Flickr

There was always going to be a king somewhere on a list like this. Known for their gouty gorgings, kings throughout history have been known to be a portly bunch.

And King Adolf gets his legacy through dying from eating vast amounts of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, herring, champagne and an alleged 14 servings of hot milk in 1771. His official cause of death was, unsurprisingly, digestive problems.

5. The Japanese Man Who Ate Fugu Liver – On Purpose


Dude was all, “you won’t kill me” and the puffer was all, “uh, okay” and then the dude died. Photo: @bhellerc / Instagram

Fugu, the potentially deadly Japanese pufferfish that was made famous by Homer Simpson’s near-death dance with it in the 90s, is no joke.

But in 1975 Bando Mitsugoro VIII, a lauded Japanese actor, wholeheartedly believed that he was “powerful enough” to consume the immensely poisonous liver of the infamous fish. He ordered a heap of the deadly, and illegal, livers and then unsurprisingly and deservedly, died.