5 Reasons To Take Your Tinder Date To Costco

If you’re tiring of another “Netflix and chill” style date, it might be time to up your game a bit.

If you’re tiring of another “Netflix and chill” style date, it might be time to up your game a bit. Getting creative doesn’t need to be costly, and amateur casanovas should muster up the chutzpah to ask their dates to Costco. Before you scoff, Costco can be both a spendthrift’s wet dream and a sneakily impressive first date.

Follow a golden rule of Tinder: Don’t get boxed in on that first date with something like dinner and a movie. Take our advice below and you’ll quickly learn a lot about that person in the photo.

1. The Bottomless, Free Samples


Treat your date to a gourmet meal via samplers. Photo: @costco / Instagram

Having a snack attack? Not very likely at Costco, since you’ll have plenty of opportunities to taste bagel bun hot dogs, Kirkland cheese, or possibly red snapper. The free sample tables is a not only a great conversation starter but makes it easy to get your munch on without breaking your stride.

Swipe Right: If you decide to purchase one of their many great samples, like cheese, be sure to pick up a bottle of wine, too. Costco is the world’s largest importer of high-end French wines.

2. Challenge Your Date To A Hot Dog Eating Contest For Less Than $10


The romance at Costco is really on point. Photo: @simba.xox / Instagram

If you haven’t filled up on their “no-limit-on” free samples, head over to their dining section with prices that are too awesome to avoid. Little known fact: Costco rivals Ikea regarding in-store grub.You can get four hot dogs (and a very gassy date) for around $10. Or split one of their pizzas on your way out and discuss your favorite toppings (this could be a make or break moment).

Swipe Right: Costco thinks about their hot dogs, pizzas and $4.99 rotisserie chickens, the same way Vegas casinos think of booze. They’re willing to (almost) give it away because they know no one can resist a little shopping after one (or six) $1.50 hot dogs.

3. The Place Is Packed With Conversation Starters


For example, why do they sell so many life-sized bears?! Photo: @csbatl / Instagram

Why would someone need that many ear plugs? What’s the most powerful vacuum cleaner at the store? Who do these children belong to and why are they everywhere? Search for these answers and countless more as you slowly get lost in this labyrinthian mega-market.

Plus, these talking points keep the conversation perpetually unpredictable, so you don’t have to fall back on scintillating topics like the weather.

Swipe Left: Steer clear of the jewelry counter. Engagement rings can run all the way up to $93,999.99 for the 5.22-carat Pear Shape VS1 Clarity, I Color Diamond Platinum Pendant. It might also give your date the wrong impression.

4. It’ll Show Off Your Emotional Intelligence By Proving What A Smart Shopper You Are


… Or show your date how literate you are. Photo: J Brew / Flickr

There is a fine line between cheap and thrifty, and shopping at Costco falls into the latter category. Saying, “That’s a great price on quinoa” demonstrates: A) You know what quinoa is in the first place; B) you’re aware of the quinoa market, in general, and C) you are a budget conscious individual who will not blow shared income by purchasing too much quinoa at a terrible price. Who wouldn’t be impressed?

Swipe Right: If things are going well, plan the next date. Costco sells gift cards for other major retailers at 15%-30% off the face value. Just do it quickly while they’re in the bathroom.

5. There’s Tons Of Aisles To Get Lost In


“I found the human-sized nutcracker. Can we keep him?” Photo: @willowbyers / Instagram

If you’ve got a playful date, then a game might be in order. Have you or your date hide somewhere in the store then text an “I spy … ” style clue. By the time you find him or her, you’ll also find the carefree love of your life. Plus, you could also just run out of the store without saying an awkward goodbye if your date’s a dud.

Swipe Left: Don’t assume you can hide from your new Tinder date in the same place as the last one. Costco moves their merchandise around intentionally to keep you aimlessly wandering.

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