6 Awkward Times Food Became Make-Up

Many beauty lovers have started to create their own makeup products to avoid the haute heartache.


Because food is cute and so are you! Photo: @rejbarros / Instagram

Every makeup-wearing individual knows that cosmetics can get very pricey, very quickly. Lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, blush, foundation—it’ll cost you an arm before you have the chance to paint a fingernail. As a result, many beauty lovers have started to create their own makeup products to avoid the haute heartache.

But with limited access to the artificial products big cosmetic companies use in their formulas, some have resorted to more alternative ingredients. Here are a few times edible items have been repurposed into beauty products because desperate times can call for delicious measures.

1. Oreos As Mascara


Gets a little clumpy, and the sugar burns the eyes, but hey, it works? Photo: Michael Sandoval / Flickr

Earlier this year, YouTube makeup guru Katharine Ward showed her subscribers how to create “mascara” by mixing mashed up Oreo cookies with a bit of water and primer.

Ward’s also responsible for creating eyeliner out of M&Ms, lipstick from Starburst, and lip balms made with Sour Patch Kids and Nutella. That’s the price of beauty, I suppose. But hey, your makeup will look bomb!

2. Blueberries Become Eye Shadow


Trippy on so many levels. Photo: Hannah Wade / Flickr

Blueberry flesh has a deep, purple color that’s bold enough to be a shade of eyeshadow, so why not take advantage for the sake of beauty? Mash up some blueberries in a container, apply a bit to your lids, and you’re good to go. Don’t mind if the color’s a little dark; you can always claim you were going for that Violet Beauregarde look.

3. Cacao Powder Makes For A Great Bronzer


I literally cannot tell if these are bronzer balls or cacao bites. Photo: Chris Kenworthy / Flickr

With the power of rubbing alcohol, an empty compact, and 100% raw cacao powder, this D.I.Y. facial powder will leave you as sweet as chocolate. You can even add cinnamon to create a warmer hue with a pleasant tingly sensation.

4. Potatoes Give That Matte Finish Look


The potato heads always got your back, though. Photo: Mark Tighe / Flickr

Apparently, taking a slice of raw potato and dabbing it to the entirety of the face—post-makeup routine—will create a matte finish that lasts for hours. Don’t tell Mrs. Potato Head.

5. Kool-Aid Works Across Hair, Lips, And Cheeks


Pup does not look like he consented to this impromptu Kool-Aid spa day. Photo: @donthatedaplaya_hatedagame / Instagram

Kool-Aid has an infamous reputation for changing the color of tongues, so it’s only natural it’d be used to change the color of other body parts. If you’re seeking a change but don’t want to commitment, you can mix the powder with conditioner and water; it’s an easy and convenient alternative to permanent dye. Kool-Aid powder can also be mixed with water to create a lip stain (for that sweet strawberry pout), or with vaseline (for a cherry-tinted cheek stain).

__6. Beer Creates Beautiful Hair __


An actual '70s ad for “beer-enhanced shampoo.” They don’t make it like they used to! Photo: twitchery / Flickr

Who knew there were other uses for beer beyond consumption? And for cosmetic purposes, to boot. Apparently, the hops and malt within your suds contain proteins that can strengthen hair. You can either: combine beer with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice (to clarify oily hair); mix with egg (for extra strengthening); use with honey or avocado (to deep condition); or just rinse with beer alone. People with oily hair can get away with using beer straight out of the bottle, but cooking out the alcohol in a saucepan will prevent the hair from drying out.

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